Bennett is Five Months


Bennett is Five Months!

This is our first month with a video baby monitor. I have NO idea what I was thinking when I thought I just wanted an audio one. Seriously, get a video monitor. It is the best thing ever!

On a more baby focused note, our little man is getting more personality every day. He’s working on sitting up (supported), he loves moving CONSTANTLY, he also loves to roll over onto his belly but then he gets stuck and starts crying.

I’m not quite sure why we’re still calling him “little man.” This baby is not that little. In fact, he outgrew his infant car seat for height this month. (Full disclosure, he had a tiny bit of room to go but I didn’t want him to outgrew it while we were at the beach).

Graco Milestone convertible car seat
Was not emotionally ready for him to outgrow the infant car seat. Slow down!

This month we took him to the beach for the first time! My parents met me off I-95 so my mom could drive my car and I could be in the back with B. I was so thankful for the help on the 9 hour (usually 8 hour) drive. B did great, although he did not sleep much. My parents also brought their folding crib so that made sleeping at the beach a much easier transition.

B loved the sand! He loved kicking it and playing. He was brave about the ocean, especially when Jimmy held him in the water. We only went down to the beach for about an hour in the evenings – the sun/crowds were intense and he naps so often. But, we did get plenty of balcony sitting. B sat in his new “Frog Chair” Gigi got. We called it his “throne.” We sat him on the table and he just looked out over the ocean and the beach. B, my parents, and I stayed a week. Jimmy flew in for four days so he didn’t have to miss as much work.

Bennett also got to meet more people. He got to meet my good friend Sherry and her twins. I found out that B loves watching kids, so I will definitely be taking him to the playground more. Finally, B was able to meet his great aunt Shelia and two of his first cousins once removed, Jackson & Jeremy. We’re slowly getting him to meet his whole family.

Typical Day:

6:30 am wake up & bottle

9 am nap for Ingrid & Bennett in their own rooms

10 am – 6 pm bottles on demand, naps every 1.5 – two hours

5:30 pm bath

7 pm put Bennett down

7 pm dinner & Ingrid & Jimmy hang out time

B wakes up once a night for a bottle – Ingrid gives him and then sleeps until 6:30 am

Monthly Questionnaire

Age: 5 months

Weight: 17.2 lbs

Length: 27″

Size: 9 months

Eyes: blue

Hair: light brown

Sleeping:  he slept the first half of the month in his crib in his “spacesuit” (Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit) in his room solo and then we “swaddle weaned” and he now sleeps in footie PJs

Eating: formula bottles: 6 oz each feeding

Milestones: first beach trip, rolled over for the first time, outgrew his infant car seat

Memorable outings: first beach trip

Likes: sand, eating, sleeping, MOVING

Dislikes: baths, staying still

Words/sounds: “a” “ahh” “ohhh” “mmhm”

Nicknames: “Little Man,” “Benny,” “B”

Interesting Facts: B moves constantly all the time, even when sleeping. He also likes talking all the time.

Funny moments: when B first saw the ocean, he made a face like “this is the biggest bath I’ve ever seen”

Looking forward to: next year’s beach trip when he can swim and play more

Photos from Bennett’s Fifth Month:

Beach Vacation and Jimmy’s Celebration

For Memorial Day, Jimmy & I joined our friends Ted & Lauren for our annual beach trip. It was a week of mimosas, bocce ball, sand, ocean, good food, and relaxing. It was perfect. We were there for a whole week: Thursday through Thursday.

Surfside Beach toast
Starting vacation with a toast

I secretly had two bottles of champagne in the cooler for the drive down so we could toast the start of our vacation (and Jimmy’s promotion) as soon as we got there. Doesn’t it look like we’re on a boat with the beautiful blue ocean in the background? We’re not, just on our balcony on the 11th floor.

As always, I did not take enough pictures. I really need to work on that.

surfside beach SC
beers and cigars
Chilling on the beach with beers and cigars
After a wonderful dinner out
surfside beach wedding
We got to see a beach wedding from our balcony

This year was a lot harder to leave the beach than last year was. Maybe it was because Ted & Lauren now live far away. Maybe it was because we stayed a full week. Not sure, but the fact that vacations have to end makes me sad. However, it did help knowing we had a small celebration planned for Jimmy’s promotion and the Vintage Virginia wine festival to look forward (the next days).

The Friday after we got back, we decided to have a small get-together to celebrate Jimmy’s promotion. He is now (starting July 6) a Geotechnical Department Manager. Yay Jimmy! So we had his parents, my parents, Kurt, Kate, Katie (Jimmy’s sister) and a few dogs over for dinner, cake, and champagne. In my family we have a tradition of having a “Face Cake” when big life events happen. These are cakes with photos printed on them in frosting. (I am well aware we are the only people who call them Face Cakes). Somehow Jimmy had never had one. So clearly he needed one for this party 🙂

Jimmy got a Face Cake!
Congratulations Jimmy!
Eating his face haha

The next day we had the Vintage Virginia wine festival where I took 0 pictures (#fail). This was our 5th year going and every year we’ve had a wonderful time. This year we went with a big group of friends so that made it lots of fun. There seemed to be less vineyards and more food trucks but we all still had a blast.