36 Weeks Pregnant

Weekly Update

36 weeks pregnant is my last week I could deliver a preemie. That is very comforting to me. This week had a huge variety of emotions. On the happy side, I had my last baby shower – thank you to my amazing co-workers! On the stressed side: my OB appointment.

Elevated Heart Rate Scare

Wednesday morning I had my weekly OB appointment. As always, I walked the two blocks from my office to the doctor. Apparently this is now too much for my body. When I arrived my blood pressure was high and (much more alarming) Baby’s heart rate was in the 180s. Normally his heart rate has been in the 140s or 150s. So, I got to be hooked up to monitors in the NST room (non stress test) to watch his heart rate and to watch for contractions for almost an hour. That freaked me out!

After the monitoring, I went back in to see my doctor who assured me once I started resting, Baby’s heart rate went back to where it should be. Then we got to see him on the ultrasound. It’s been a month since I got to see my little guy. I found out he is head down and “ready to go.” We also got “the best sign ever that everything is good” by seeing him breathing! It was amazing to watch his little back rise and fall as he practiced his breathing. Also, still creepy to me that babies breath in the fluid…

Take it Easy

Once we determined Baby is ok when I’m resting. I got “sidelined.” At this point I could deliver a healthy little guy so bed rest isn’t needed, but we want him to “keep cooking” longer – especially this week when one set of grandparents are in the middle of the ocean and Jimmy will be 8 hours away for a couple days. So, I will walk as little as possible, keep as calm as possible, and limit all activity. Jimmy took this super seriously and came home early so he could be the one to go to the grocery store and cook dinner. So sweet!

Luckily this week was inauguration so I had off work on Friday, that made the Take-It-Easy plan super easy to follow. Netflix and delivery food here I come! However, I quickly discovered, I no longer enjoy an all-day binge watching marathon like I used to [what is the world coming to?!?!?]. So I’m only doing that sidelined thing for one day. I will still not walk much because I don’t want to elevate Baby’s heart rate, but I’m going to do normal things like the dishes or go to brunch.

Car Seat Inspection

Saturday morning, I decided I needed to get out of the house, so I made the terrible decision to go to Fairfax County car seat inspection event. As a local government employee, I could have asked the City of Falls Church Sheriff’s department to inspect my car seat. While I’m at work. Nope. I decided to drive myself to a parking garage in Fairfax. Sit in my car in the line that took two hours, get it inspected, then drive back. Holy swollen feet after that one.

In case you are wondering, we were in the 75% of people who incorrectly installed the car seat. It wiggled a bit. Basically we needed to drop the feet of the base down all the way, then tighten it, then look at the bubble level.

However, I was told it “was very good for a ‘mommy install” and “you can get multiple bases to install one in your mom’s car if she’ll be helping you.” Yes, because I went to a car seat inspection event by myself, I was labeled a single mother. Unfortunately, I put zero effort into my appearance that morning, so I also looked like a high schooler. Everyone was probably wondering where my MTV film crew was. I didn’t care at all, but Jimmy (who was out of town for work) did get a little offended and defensive about it when I told him. Sorry, but having two people sit in a car to get a car seat inspected is not a good use of time.

36 Weeks Pregnant Questionnaire:

How far along? 36 Weeks

How big is baby? 18.5″ and almost 6 lbs; the size of a honeydew melon

Maternity clothes? Yes.

Sleep: Tuesday night I slept for 5 hours straight! Other that that, I get up every 2 hours to pee.

Best moment this week: Seeing baby breathing

Movement: My doctor said he’s “a wild child”

Food Cravings: Chinese

Food Aversions: most food sounds bad, but I’m either STARVING or nauseous all the time 🙁

Gender: Baby’s a boy!

Labor Signs: He still feels like he’s trying to kick his way out aka he’s kicking my cervix on the regular. It hurts. I did find out he is head down and ready to go, that is very good news!

Pregnancy Symptoms: high blood pressure after “exercise,” nausea, fatigue, acne

Belly Button in or out? Out

What I miss: feeling like my body is mine

What I am looking forward to: meeting my little guy

Upcoming appointments/events: 1/25, 2/1 OB – we’re in the weekly appointments now

Weekly Wisdom: Slow down

Milestones: last week before full term

Bump Picture: ummm I didn’t take one… I have been taking them Saturday or Sunday each week but it was rainy or I was tired and I didn’t go to the store for a honeydew melon. I’ll hold the melon in my 37 week photo because that week is a winter melon which sounds similar to honeydew.