35 Weeks

Monday, Jimmy, Kai, Fitz (Kurt & Kate’s dog) and I watched the National Championship while eating homemade Beef & Barley soup. Of course we were rooting for Clemson. Go Tigers! We were watching Fitz because K&K went to Tampa for the game. Sadly, I couldn’t stay awake, but I heard it was a great game and obviously I’m happy with the winner 🙂 I didn’t find out the score until Baby’s 4:30 am dance party. He’s been doing that lately. Which makes me hungry so I casually sat on the edge of my bed eating a Nature Valley Biscuit Almond Butter (I would describe it as more of an almond butter cookie sandwich) and realized I didn’t know who won. So, I snacked, scrolled the ESPN app, and danced a bit with Baby to celebrate. By 4:38 we were back to sleep. Until 6 am when we were up again for a bathroom break. (Every 1-3 hours minimum).

Tuesday evening, I dropped Fitzgerald off at his house to wait for his parents to get back from FL. Then it was leftover Beef & Barley soup for a quick dinner before I headed back to work. Once a month I have a work night meeting. These are getting harder and harder since I get tired so early now. The good news is I earn comp time.

Wednesday, I had an OB appointment. I had my Group B strep test during this appointment. Not the most fun test to run, but it’s necessary. Basically, 1 in 4 women are carriers of this bacteria that is harmless to us, but could be very bad for baby – think pneumonia, sepsis, Meningitis – all sorts of very bad diseases and problems. If I test positive, I just have to have some antibiotics and we’ll (me and Baby) will be good to go.

Friday, I had a half day due to comp time. I seriously needed to catch up on laundry & cleaning. Jimmy has been AMAZING lately – doing the dishes, taking out the trash, cleaning out the fridge, being protective of me & how much I’m working, but he’s not the best bathroom cleaner. Also, his idea of laundry is everything in the wash at once, everything in the dryer, so I prefer to do those two chores. [I use green cleaners now while pregnant.]

Saturday, was a rainy gross day. I wanted to just watch movies on the couch all day, but instead we went to the mall. Oh joy. Jimmy needed a suit this week so, we had to go. He ended up getting a great charcoal Ralph Lauren suit (separates) for 60% off, a lavender dress shirt, and a new tie. He looks great in them! Everyone we encountered asked when I was due, when I answered: “one month to go,” they immediately replied: “that baby could come any day! It could come now!” and backed away cautiously. Thank you stranger, I’m not going to need your assistance and I am aware I am close to my due date. A girl’s still gotta help her husband buy clothes.

Sunday, we installed Mini Moose’s car seat. I feel so much better now that it’s installed! I’m going to get it inspected (75% of people incorrectly install a car seat), but Jimmy tugged and pulled on that thing with all his might and it didn’t budge so I’m feeling pretty good. After the car seat, Jimmy went shooting. I think he definitely needed to blow off some steam. I’ve been a good pregnant lady up until this point. However, once we hit week 35, I became a cranky uncomfortable mess who doesn’t want to do anything. Sorry.

35 Weeks Pregnant Questionnaire:

How far along? 35 Weeks

How big is baby? 17.7″ & 4.7 lbs; the size of a durian – perfect, I already have three of those at home hahahahaha (seriously who comes up with these fruits?!?!?)

Maternity clothes? Yep.

Sleep: Nope.

Best moment this week: installing the car seat!

Movement: All. The. Time. Big kicks. Painful kicks. He also squirms that feels just like your stomach dropping when you’re on a rollercoaster. He’s getting too strong. The eviction process starts in T-1 month.

Food Cravings: bran muffins, all the water & juice in the world

Food Aversions: most food sounds terrible, but I’m either hungry or nauseous all the time  🙁

Gender: Baby’s a boy!

Weight Gain: I’m now up 36 lbs (and counting). Yep, that is the upper limit of what is a recommended range for an entire pregnancy. (Only 33% of women gain the recommended amount, 50% gain more FYI). I keep reading all these blogs and the women are “oh my goodness I’m so big, I’ve gained 17 lbs!” Just stop. I am big. I no longer recognize myself in the mirror. I’m seriously ready to not be big anymore. Could I have been healthier in my eating choices? Probably. But I was all “survival mode” eat-what-I-could-keep-down in the first trimester (aka mac and cheese or toast with butter), hungry ALL THE TIME in the second trimester, and eating well in the third, but the damage is done. Whatever, I will kill it in diet and exercise when this kid is born. I can definitely say a lot of it is swelling. My fingers are now two ring sizes bigger than they were pre-pregnancy. My feet fit in three pairs of shoes (the largest sizes & widths I own). Hopefully this means I’ll lose 23 lbs within two weeks like Blac Chyna. Also, I hate that I know that fact.

35 weeks pregnant weight gain meme

Labor Signs: I feel like my body is gearing up. While I haven’t had Braxton-Hicks contractions (that I can feel), I just have the feeling that my body is doing lots behind the scenes here.

Pregnancy Symptoms: fatigue; heartburn; inability to walk without being out of breath; inability to get off couch or out of bed;

35 weeks pregnant inability to move meme

Belly Button in or out? Out. It happened. It’s out. It’s super soft and squishy so it doesn’t poke out of my clothes (another eww fear of mine) but it’s out there.

What I miss: Not being out of breath after putting on shoes or walking up a flight of stairs….

What I am looking forward to: a couple long weekends – I need some rest

Upcoming appointments/events: 1/11, 1/18, 1/25 OB – we’re in the weekly appointments now

Weekly Wisdom: Smile when you want to punch someone in the face. Which will happen. Smiling fakes your body into thinking you’re not in a hormonal sleep-deprived rage.

Milestones: Car seat is in, we’re ready to go! (But not actually ready; stay put Baby, your grandparents are in SC and the other set is on a cruise. And I swear, if you come next week while your Dad is briefly in SC for work, I will remind you of it every day for your entire life. I will also record myself reminding you and figure out a way to get it to automatically play on your future cell phone with some technology I will invent if I have to. Hugs and Kisses, Mom).

Bump Picture:

35 weeks pregnant
Sweatpants because, well, see above. Also, because the last month of pregnancy is rough. For reals. And those wrinkles are my tank top under the VT shirt, not some crazy wrinkles in my skin.