2015 In Review

24309514106_89e32b9bc6_bLooking back on 2015 seems like a blur. I feel like I wrote our 2014 post two days ago. Time is crazy. Anyways, I’ll summarize 2015 as water, woods, and surgeries.


Jimmy took up hunting this year. He also got a compound bow to use hunting (woods). He got two deer this winter, success, so we’ll be enjoying venison chili throughout this year.

Jimmy continued his skeet shooting league. He was captain this year. He also joined two lacross leagues, which he loves.

Jimmy is still working as the Geotechnical Department Manager at the National Harbor office, which he loves.


In 2015, I finished my first half marathon! In well under the time I predicted. And I did not walk once – that was my main goal, well that and not just give up and lay on the side of the road.

Speaking of health, I discovered a new love affair with Pure Barre. I was a ballet dancer for oh, 10 years of my life, so this workout brings back all of the memories. It’s hard. It’s fun. It makes me so happy! And, it’s a fantastic workout. Jimmy was the best and got me classes for Christmas (it’s sadly, very expensive:( )

I took a wonderful girls trip to Smith Mountain Lake with some of my best college friends.

In the most exciting news, I got lasik! I absolutely love it! In the most painful news, I got my wisdom teeth out in December (all four and two were impacted) and that was brutal. (two surgeries there)

We (Ingrid & Jimmy)

We spent almost every Spring & Summer weekend in Southern Maryland (woods & water). We helped my parents work on the new property throughout the Spring and then enjoyed boating, fishing, bow shooting (Jimmy), swimming, and family time throughout the summer. It is Kai’s favorite place in the world so we go as often as we can. It’s all about the dog amiright?

We went to the Outer Banks for a Memorial Day trip with a bunch of friends, that was a blast. Jimmy really enjoyed surf fishing. (water)

We went to the Penthouse twice, once with Ted & Lauren, and once with Kurt & Kate. (more water). We’re so thankful to have that property in the family.

We saw Cinderella during a wonderful night out with Jimmy’s parents and sister Katie for my birthday – thank you!

We went to our 6th Vintage Virginia wine festival.

We celebrated our third anniversary.

We went to Blacksburg for a football game with some great friends. In true Bburg fashion, it was cold and rainy the whole time, but man, it was wonderful to be back!

Finally, we hosted a fun New Years Eve party for our friends to close out the year.

Looking ahead to 2016.

I am copying and pasting from my 2014 (and sadly 2015) posts because, well, we very much failed on accomplishing any of our goals. Whoops. I’ll write a little commentary on if we completed anything or not.

From 2014 & 2015 posts:

“This is also a challenge because you never really know where life is going to go, but I do see some things happening.

We have some house projects we want to complete:” (reflections on my 2014 list)

  • Fixing our side steps. The concrete’s been struggling since I was around 12 so we’re going to just replace it with a pressure treated wood step/landing/storage thing – this is clearly more Jimmy & my Dad’s plan – We did this!!!!!
  • Finishing painting. In 2012/2013 we painted the living room, dining room, master bedroom, kitchen, guest bedrooms (2) & Jimmy’s video game room. In 2014 2015 2016, we have the entryway, stairway, hallway, 3 bathrooms & basement and we’re done [whew] – didn’t do any of this.
  • Landscaping. There are plans for the backyard. I am vaguely aware of them. I have stated Sugar’s stones stay. That’s all I care about. – nope, not done. Actually not even started…
  • Building a slate patio in the backyard. – didn’t even start this either
  • Organization. As much as I hate to admit, I still have a couple of boxes of my things that don’t have a place in our home yet. I want to get everything organized and condensed as much as possible this year. – those boxes are still there. Things are a little better organized – our pantry and linen closet definitely – but still a ways to go on everything else.

Grade: D

New 2015 projects & goals: (let’s be ambitious and add to the list we didn’t accomplish last year, that’s totally the way to do this life planning thing, right?)

  • Helping restore/renovate Hotel California (new property addition to the Freemyer family – posts to come) – we did this!
  • Renovating our two bathrooms – nope, maybe not doing that and actually doing the kitchen (depending on if you talk to me or Jimmy)
  • I: Run in my first half marathon – did this!

Grade: B

Since it worked so well the last time, let’s add some more goals here.

  • Declutter. “Living clean in 2016.” I want to get rid of the clothes/crafts/stuff we don’t use any more and simplify and declutter our lives.
  • continue as many Pure Barre classes as possible


Trips for 2015:

  • Penthouse to enjoy the beach – did this twice, A for I&J
  • Hotel California to enjoy boating – did this all Spring & Summer, and some Fall actually, A for I&J
  • Colorado to visit Todd – nope, did not happen
  • Blacksburg for a Tech game – scheduled for October – yep, did this!

Grade: B+

Trips for 2016:

  • Penthouse to enjoy the beach
  • Hotel California to enjoy boating
  • Colorado to visit Todd
  • Boston for a Lombardo family reunion of sorts

Well, considering how successful we were in 2014 2015, I’m going to leave our projects, goals, and trips at that and see how we do.

Bringing in 2015

This year we kept it low-key and had a few close friends over to ring in the new year. It worked out for the best since it was cold out (shocker) and I really didn’t feel like going out. Yesterday my wonderful Oma passed. It was a long time coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier. So having some of my best friends, Jimmy, Kai, and a fire sounded perfect to me.

New Years 2015

Kai is not amused
Kai is not amused

We did have a great Baked Brie and Cranberry Braid I made.

Baked Brie braid

I usually write our goals for the upcoming year, but I’ll save that for another post.

Thankful Heart

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s because I’m sentimental and like to reflect on what I’m thankful for. Maybe it’s because it’s right after my birthday so I typically get a card or gift. Maybe it’s because I very much enjoy eating comfort foods like green bean casserole. Whatever it is, I love this holiday.

This year we spent it like we typically do:

  • Thanksgiving Lunch at the Racine house in VA (Jimmy’s family) This, as always, ended with a few fun and hilarious rounds of Buzz – I 100% lost every round, but had a blast
  • Thanksgiving Dinner at the Erickson house (my aunt & uncle’s) in MD (my family)

Yes, this means every year Jimmy and I eat two thanksgiving dinners. It is glorious. And difficult. And I wouldn’t change it at all.

Jimmy and I are very lucky because our families live close to one another and get along. So we do some holidays all together, but I like the individual time with each family as well. It’s a little less chaotic so you get the quality time.

Now on to the sentimental:

This year I am thankful for:

  • my wonderful family (both sides) – they support & love me and are some of my favorite people
  • Jimmy – he is definitely part of my family, but I felt he should have his own line
  • Kai – I consider him part of my family but he gets a special shout-out for being the best. And on Kai’s note, I’m thankful for my Uncle David. Kai was very sick this year. After being on antibiotics for a few days, he still wasn’t getting any better so I emergency rushed Kai to my uncle (who is an amazing vet) in MD. My uncle took so much time and care to make sure Kai got the treatment he needed. Kai being sick was the absolute worst so I am so thankful he is back to his wonderful doggie self.
  • my new job that is so close to our house
  • our house
  • my ankle finally healing so I can start exercising again – sadly not in time for the half marathon, but I will sign up for another.
  • Jimmy’s promotion

And probably so much else I can’t even think of.

6 Years Together

6 years ago today, I started dating Jimmy. This is my fun post to him. All about our story.

Jimmy and I met 6 years and 3 months ago on a spring break cruise.

We went on a week long cruise from Charleston, SC to Grand Cayman Island, Cozumel, and Key West.

We cruised on the Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Norwegian Majesty.” Now retired (I feel old).

Although we both went to Virginia Tech, we had never met. He was in grad school and I was an undergrad. He went on the cruise with his fraternity and I went with my sorority.

We happened to be assigned rooms that were two doors down from each other.

He walked past my room like:

And I was like:

And after that we were


Although we weren’t officially boyfriend and girlfriend until June 18.

Fast forward 4 years later when this happened

So we got married,

Bought a house,

And got a dog (not in that order)

Although we celebrate our anniversary on our wedding anniversary now, none of this would have happened if not for that cruise and June 18.

Love you Jimmy!

Lots of Snow!

We woke up to a winter wonderland. About 10″ of beautiful snow. Of course Kai, Jimmy and I had to be the first ones out to play. It was so fun running around while everyone was sleeping.



Our home in the snow

Then Jimmy & I cleared off his car and ventured to Bruegger’s Bagels up the street. We almost got stuck a few times but we successfully made it there and back.

Jimmy was going to work from home but after some technical difficulty, ended up going to the office (in Chantilly). Don’t worry, he made it safe and sound. And promised to leave work early 🙂

Now Kai is napping by the fire – he’s all tuckered out from that snow run/jump. And I’m working from home with a lunch time break to shovel & take more pics. I’ll update this post with some afternoon & evening pictures. Maybe Kai and I will even venture on a walk to get some sweet Falls Church shots.

Hope everyone enjoys the snow day and keeps warm!


We had a snow day! Which in grown-up world really means working from home, but you get a great view. Kai has never ever seen this much snow so I made sure to take him out to play as soon as I was done working. At first he didn’t know what to do but then he was running and around and having a blast. He also loved eating the snow.

Snow day


Later we shoveled the steps and driveway.

Snow day

Then we had a fire, made dinner, and waited for Jimmy to get home.

Today we checked out the final snow count with our trusty beer bottle measurement (it’s on the table). We got about halfway up the bottle neck.

Snow day

And headed on these roads to get to work today. #gladimadeitok


Can’t wait to get home tonight so Kai can play some more!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This weekend we got our Christmas tree!

Buying our Christmas Tree by ingrid.racine

My family has always gone to HomeDepot for our trees so that’s where Jimmy & I went this weekend. So did the majority of the Arlington/Falls Church area because we had the longest line I’ve ever seen. Totally worth it though.

After surviving the line, we [Jimmy] tied the tree to my car ourselves and drove on home #independent.

Then it was time to start decorating.


Kai wasn’t sure if he liked this tree. Or the decorating. Or us moving his bed. He doesn’t like change. We’re working on it.

Putting the first ornament up. Ignore the sweet wrist brace, I took a little tumble on an outdoor parking garage ramp at work. It was slippery and raining and I stumbled away with a sprained wrist and some bruises.

If Kai was happy earlier, he’s definitely not happy now.
He loves me really. He just isn’t a fan of that reindeer costume. Unfortunately I am a huge fan of it and so he wears it every year 🙂

Our Christmas mantle.

And our post-decorating family selfie. At this point Kai is tired. He spent the next 30 minutes sleeping on the couch.
Racine family Christmas

Later that night we went to my work Holiday party. Where I took zero pictures but we had a blast.

Sunday brought on my Mom’s birthday and snow/ice. We ventured out for dinner with my parents, Kurt & Kate at Matchbox and then champagne and cake at our house.

I haven’t found the motivation to put up lights outside yet… I put a wreath on our door so that counts right?

Go Hokies!

We spent our weekend raking leaves, baking pumpkin bread, helping Mom & Dad F move a bit, having a great dinner with Mom & Dad R, and of course watching our Hokies play. Kai was looking especially nice in his new bow tie that arrived this week; we called him “Dapper Dog” all day.

Hokie Dapper Dog Kai

Still can’t believe we pulled off that win! Being the superstitious person I am, I’ve informed Jimmy we have to go watch the first half at Dogwood Tavern in our own Little City and then 2nd half at home from now on. Luckily for him and our wallets (they have Bold Rock Cider on draft, yum) there are only a few games left.

I don’t have a pic of the whole wheat homemade pumpkin bread – we keep eating it too quickly, but I do have a recipe. I did add additional pumpkin purée – one whole can instead of a cup because Jimmy thought the first patch wasn’t “pumpkiny” enough.

My parents (Mom & Dad F) are moving. Which of course would mean my Dad would break his wrist (cast pic to come). So we helped them move, set up/rebuild their water bed, and put things in the storage pod for the cottage. Fun Saturday afternoon. They’re leaving the home they lived in since before I was born so it’s a little bittersweet for the family, but they’re moving into Grammy’s old house, so that is exciting. Kai loves running around his old yard.

Next post will include more pics, promise.


We are so lucky to have spent the last week in the beautiful Virgin Islands. It was amazing! We stayed beachfront on St. Thomas. The view from our balcony is probably my favorite ever. We also took a little adventure to St. John complete with a “dingy” rental in a storm. We had tropical drinks, good food, so much fun, and relaxation after the wedding. I’m already planning our next trip 🙂

Leaving for our honeymoon Mrs. Racine <3
Leaving for our honeymoon Mrs. Racine <3
The view from our room
The view from our room
Tropical drinks
Tropical drinks
Real excited to get back to this guy though. Next time we take him with us