Bennett is Ten Months

10 months

Weight: 24 lbs

Length: 30.5″

Size: 18 months

Eyes: blue

Hair: dirty blonde

Sleeping:  he typically sleeps from 7 pm to 5 am. Wakes to chug a bottle. Then back to sleep until 7 am.

Eating: formula bottles: 6 oz each feeding; lots of solid fruits, proteins, whatever we’re eating

Memorable outings: Two Thanksgivings! (Lunch with Daddy’s family, Dinner with Mommy’s family).

Likes: ALL THE FOOD! His favorite foods: blueberries, carrots, pears. Smiling 🙂

Dislikes: staying still, getting his diaper changed, changing clothes

Words/sounds: “dada,” “ahhh” “ohhh,” “mama,” “mom”

Nicknames: “Little Man,” “Benny,” “B,” “Snickerdoodle,” “Mister Mister”

Funny moments: Bennett loves chili!

When he wants to get my attention or is frustrated at me (aka I take away the remote) he says “mom!”

I think he likes the venison chili #BennettWilliamRacine

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Looking forward to: first birthday!

Photos This Month:

33 Weeks

Monday, we had off in honor of Christmas. Jimmy went duck hunting in the Eastern Shore – super rough since he got about 4 hours of sleep thanks to staying at my parents’, but apparently worth it because he said he had lots of fun. We got back home around 7 pm, ate some leftovers (and some honey nut cheerios for me) and went to bed ASAP. However, I did NOT sleep well. Monday night brought on a whole new pregnancy side effect: my hip and knee will go numb while I’m sleeping and wake me up, so I roll over to the other side, then that side will go numb. Rinse and repeat all night long. Getting ready to have this baby here.

Wednesday, I had an OB appointment. Baby is doing great. I however, had an elevated heart rate. So, I need to slow down a bit. I also used the appointment to turn in my Family Medical Leave Act paper work for my doctor to fill out. Surprisingly, my employer does not actually have a maternity leave plan, but they do follow FMLA. So, after meeting with HR, I am going to use all my sick leave & vacation time to get 6 weeks of paid time and 6 weeks of unpaid time for the total of three months allowed under FMLA as my “maternity leave.” In order to do so, I have to have my doctor fill out the form that says I will be needing medical leave. I really want Baby to be as old as possible before he goes to daycare so I’m planning on working up until “D-Day” (delivery day).

Thursday night, we watched the Tech Arkansas bowl game. I made Jimmy-shot venison chili in the crock pot to have for dinner while we watched the game. Jimmy got home late from work (well earlier than normal, but later than the 5:30 time I gave him) so we were delayed watching the game until halftime. Talk about a comeback! We went to bed smiling that night. Oh, and I slept great!

Then it was New Years Eve! (Friday was uneventful) We took it easy this year and stopped by The City of Falls Church’s Watch Night – great free celebration.

Virginia is for lovers LOVE sculpture City of Falls Church watch night

Then we headed home for some sparkling cider and to try the Fre Champagne I got – alcohol removed champagne. While sparkling ciders are great, they’re a little sweet for me and I miss the flavor of real champagne, so I thought I’d give this a try. This brand offers champagne and a couple wines, all with alcohol removed. Let me tell you, it was delicious! Tasted just like champagne but without the buzz. Definitely a win for pregnancy. And no, I didn’t make it until midnight; I lasted until 10:30 pm.

Fre champagne

Sunday, we went to the movies with Jimmy’s parents to see the new Star Wars movie. I’ve been battling a cold all weekend, so this was my only activity of the day. It was fun to get out for a bit.


How far along? 33 Weeks

How big is baby? 17.2″ & 4.2 lbs; the size of a pineapple

Maternity clothes? Yes.

Sleep: Sleep is the worst now. If I’m not waking up to go to the bathroom, I’m waking up to a numb hip or knee. I cannot get comfortable. I spend most of the night petting Kai – poor dog is probably exhausted too – but this comforts me and helps me fall back asleep. I did have a couple good nights of sleep, which is life changing.

Best moment this week: 1) New Years Eve: 2017 is Baby year!, 2) watching our last Hokie football game of the year

Movement: Yes, but I think he’s running out of room because it’s more wiggles and waves than kicks and flips this week

Food Cravings: fruit, Chipotle, spaghetti

Food Aversions: had a few times where the thought of any food at all made me nauseous oh and I threw up my Honey Nut Cheerios (Tuesday’s dinner) so those might be out again just like 1st trimester

Gender: Baby’s a boy!

Labor Signs: none that I can feel. I inflated my labor ball to start bouncing around on the regular. A friend of mine said she would bounce while watching TV and eating Domino’s pizza

Pregnancy Symptoms: sleep problems; I am hot ALL THE TIME – like open the window when it’s 34 degrees out hot; Tuesday brought back nausea and a round of vomiting for old time’s sake (aka I’m hoping this won’t be a recurring symptom again)

Belly Button in or out? Flat but in more?!?!?

What I miss: sleeping, even for two or three hours at a time

What I am looking forward to: the ability to bend – to paint my toes, reach something I dropped, put on shoes, etc – currently I either can’t or it squishes Baby and he lets me know that is NOT cool

Upcoming appointments/events: 12/28 OB & 1/11 OB – we’re in the bi-weekly appointments now

Weekly Wisdom: slow down on the walks at this stage – apparently I elevate my heart rate easily

Milestones: we’re in 2017 aka Baby birth year!

Bump Picture:

33 weeks pregnant

32 Weeks

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Baby Bump

This week was a whirlwind of activity. Monday night I hosted the fourth anniversary of our wine club. Sarah, Jayme, and Keli all came over for a fire and a delicious spread of pomegranate goat cheese salad, a red & green fruit tray, bagel bites, cookies, baked brie, and the gooiest fudge ever (fail). We missed you Meredith! This year marks the second of no drinking for me (last year I had just gotten my wisdom teeth out). Hopefully next year I can partake in the wine part of the wine club 🙂 I stayed up until after 10 laughing and having so much fun with these girls – totally worth being tired!
Fourth anniversary wine club

Tuesday was Jimmy’s 32 birthday! He got up bright and early to head to the gym. When he got home, I had breakfast waiting for him. Cheesy eggs, breakfast sausage, an english muffin, and coffee.

Tuesday during work, I had the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce buffet luncheon. I go up, get my food, start walking back to my table, and my meatball rolls off my plate, bounces off my belly, and rolls across the floor. I started crying I was laughing so hard! The director of the chamber watched the whole thing and was dying laughing too.

Tuesday night, we were both exhausted from three parties in three nights, so we got some takeout from Anthony’s Restaurant and chilled on the couch. It was wonderful.

Wednesday our glider came! I could not choose a glider for the life of me. We went into multiple stores to test them out. Obviously I loved the Dutailier reclining model (aka all the money ($500-$700). Jimmy really liked the armchair style ($360). However, I just could not feel ok spending that much money on a chair. Especially one that would likely get spit up on. So, I started looking for a glider that 1) had removable seats/pads (making cleaning easier), 2) was reasonably priced, 3) got good reviews, 4) would fit both me and Jimmy. This led me to the Shermag Glider Rocker Combo with Ottoman ($223). I added it to my Amazon Baby Registry and used my 15% completion discount to purchase the glider (and a bunch of other things we needed) so I ended up paying a little over $200. It glides smoothly and silently, is comfortable, fits Jimmy, has removable cushions. So, met all the requirements. Naturally, I needed to fully assemble the glider the same night I got it.

Shermag glider and ottoman
Ignore the tiny white Styrofoam pieces – didn’t get to vacuum before I snapped the picture

Wednesday night, at 10:36 pm, Kai had a COMPLETE FREAK OUT! He must have heard something in the backyard because he jumped out of bed barking. He then proceeded to bark at the top of the stairs – nope that’s not scary at all when you’re home alone (Jimmy was at lacrosse) and was just sleeping. I decided he probably needed to go out, so I bravely went downstairs and let him loose. He sprinted barking to our woodpile, jumped on top of the woodpile, and barked looking over the neighbor’s fence. This makes me think it was an animal in the backyard and not a scary home invader. I didn’t do any of the things Jimmy has me practice for when there’s a possible home threat. Actually, I didn’t even take out my earplugs to listen for a threat. Fails all around. I figured Kai sounded mean enough. Well, actually, I wasn’t thinking. I was exhausted and achy and super pregnant.

Friday, I got a half day from work in honor of Christmas Eve. So, I installed the Husky All Weather mats and cargo cover in my car.

Saturday morning (Christmas Eve), Jimmy went duck hunting with a friend. Later that day, we went to Jimmy’s parents’ for mass at All Saints in Manassas, enjoy the traditional Christmas Eve pizza dinner, and have a sleep over – Christmas jammies for the win! Christmas morning, we all opened presents and had breakfast. I know Jimmy loved waking up in his childhood home and going downstairs for Christmas morning just like he used to 🙂

Christmas 2016
Christmas Mass 2016

After the Racine Christmas, it was time to hit the road to head to Southern, MD for the Freemyer Christmas. I am thankful every holiday that our families live so close, so we are able to either do combo holidays, or celebrate with both separately and be able to continue with our own family traditions each year.

32 Weeks Pregnant Questionnaire:

How far along? 32 Weeks

How big is baby? 16″ & 3.8 lbs; the size of a jicama (a what?!?!? so again, no fruit this week)

Maternity clothes? Yes.

Sleep: Getting to the uncomfortable stage here. Oh and if I try to straighten and stretch out my legs while sleeping, I get a Charley Horse! I have never had one before; it is painful! I scared Kai terribly by yelling out in pain around 6 am Tuesday morning. Not fun. I’m also still getting up every hour. #LackOfSleepTrainingMama

Best moment this week: 1) Christmas, 2) wine club Christmas night (seeing Sarah!!!!), 3) Jimmy’s birthday

Movement: I’m trying to think the fact that only I can feel him (due to my anterior placenta), is special and a bond between just us, but really it’s annoying and I want my family and friends to share in the baby kick magic.

Food Cravings: spaghetti [met this craving twice on Tuesday – for lunch and dinner #NoShame]

Food Aversions: none

Gender: Baby’s a boy!

Labor Signs: none that I can feel. I inflated my labor ball to start bouncing around on the regular.

Pregnancy Symptoms: I can breathe easier this week. He’s definitely lower than he was. Hopefully this means he’s getting head down and ready. Although we still have some time for that. However, this means that when I stand up, I instantly feel like I’m going to topple over because his weight is concentrated in a low ball. Other symptoms: those night-time Charley Horses (AHHHHHHHHH), getting up every hour, crying at random things (like this video that definitely is not sad or even sentimental)

Belly Button in or out? Flat

What I miss: walking instead of waddling

What I am looking forward to: the first time I get to hold him. I seriously dream about baby cuddles every single night.

Upcoming appointments/events: 12/28 OB – we’re in the bi-weekly appointments now

Weekly Wisdom: get the nursery done in the 2nd trimester, I know this is aggressive, but by the third, you probably won’t be up for organizing, building, rearranging. I feel so settled knowing everything is ready for Baby.

Milestones: Bump’s first Christmas – I’m a purist and won’t say Baby’s first Christmas until he has one on the outside.

Bump Picture:
32 weeks pregnant

32 weeks pregnant
The funny one

Bringing in 2015

This year we kept it low-key and had a few close friends over to ring in the new year. It worked out for the best since it was cold out (shocker) and I really didn’t feel like going out. Yesterday my wonderful Oma passed. It was a long time coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier. So having some of my best friends, Jimmy, Kai, and a fire sounded perfect to me.

New Years 2015

Kai is not amused
Kai is not amused

We did have a great Baked Brie and Cranberry Braid I made.

Baked Brie braid

I usually write our goals for the upcoming year, but I’ll save that for another post.

It’s Christmas Time Again

Christmas 2014

I think this is our most beautiful tree ever. Mainly because I totally “hacked Christmas.” I was inspired by this post I found via Pinterest and used two different Christmas light bulbs. It made the tree so much brighter and created more shadows. I also went old school and used all brown wrapping paper. I did decorate the presents with red, gold & silver ribbons and bows, but of course, didn’t take a picture of that. Oh well.

I did take a picture of the gold tipped manicure I gave myself. Kurt calls it a “Dubai Manicure” instead of your traditional white tipped French Manicure.

Gold tip nails

And the only picture we took on Christmas is Kai enjoying his presents: a deer antler & a new super soft blanket.
Kai's Christmas presents

I’ll end with the bumper sticker we are currently rocking on Jimmy’s car: “Keep Christ in Christmas.” Amen.

Thankful Heart

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s because I’m sentimental and like to reflect on what I’m thankful for. Maybe it’s because it’s right after my birthday so I typically get a card or gift. Maybe it’s because I very much enjoy eating comfort foods like green bean casserole. Whatever it is, I love this holiday.

This year we spent it like we typically do:

  • Thanksgiving Lunch at the Racine house in VA (Jimmy’s family) This, as always, ended with a few fun and hilarious rounds of Buzz – I 100% lost every round, but had a blast
  • Thanksgiving Dinner at the Erickson house (my aunt & uncle’s) in MD (my family)

Yes, this means every year Jimmy and I eat two thanksgiving dinners. It is glorious. And difficult. And I wouldn’t change it at all.

Jimmy and I are very lucky because our families live close to one another and get along. So we do some holidays all together, but I like the individual time with each family as well. It’s a little less chaotic so you get the quality time.

Now on to the sentimental:

This year I am thankful for:

  • my wonderful family (both sides) – they support & love me and are some of my favorite people
  • Jimmy – he is definitely part of my family, but I felt he should have his own line
  • Kai – I consider him part of my family but he gets a special shout-out for being the best. And on Kai’s note, I’m thankful for my Uncle David. Kai was very sick this year. After being on antibiotics for a few days, he still wasn’t getting any better so I emergency rushed Kai to my uncle (who is an amazing vet) in MD. My uncle took so much time and care to make sure Kai got the treatment he needed. Kai being sick was the absolute worst so I am so thankful he is back to his wonderful doggie self.
  • my new job that is so close to our house
  • our house
  • my ankle finally healing so I can start exercising again – sadly not in time for the half marathon, but I will sign up for another.
  • Jimmy’s promotion

And probably so much else I can’t even think of.

The Happiest Place on Earth

We just got back from our first vacation with the Racine family. Jimmy’s Dad planned the best vacation. We started the trip by leaving at 8:45am Christmas morning (a little rough, thank goodness we limited ourselves to one glass of eggnog Christmas eve). Then it was off to sunny CA. Seriously it was sunny at around 80 every single day. I could get used to that.

We hopped off the plane at LAX (haha), headed to the hotel, then straight to Disneyland.

view from our hotel
View from the hotel
Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

The first day we rode quite a few rides and explored.  First up was Pirates of the Caribbean. We did a shooting game at Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Jimmy won #typical. Jenny was pretty amazing too. Me, not so much. We went on Winne the Pooh, so cute. Our last ride of the night was Splash Mountain where I was told we would maybe get a little damp. With Jimmy in the front and me right behind him, we were soaked. Luckily this was at the end of the night so we just went back to the hotel for some pizza and a glass of wine.

The next day we went to California Adventure in our matching shirts and Mickey/Minnie ears. Everyone at the park was welcoming the Racine Family on our vacation and throwing out complements. I was so proud. It also made for some great photos – coming soon. Including one with Stitch. We went on Goofy’s Fly School, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Monster’s Inc, Soarin’ over California, and Tower of Terror.

Sisters J&I J & K

The next day was our last Disney day. We were lucky enough to have a Christmas Time in Disney tour in the afternoon so we hit up some rides in the morning: fast pass to Indiana Jones, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and Star Tours. Our Christmas tour was three hours of walking around hearing the history of Christmas at Disneyland. It was great to hear all the facts. We also got some treats – a chocolate and caramel covered marshmallow yum, then front of line access to three rides: It’s a Small World (Christmas version), the Jingle Cruise (Jungle Cruise normally), and a tour of the Haunted Mansion. The Jingle Cruise was so funny. The Haunted Mansion was not my favorite since it was basically The Nightmare before Christmas and I am not a fan of that movie so I spent the ride with my eyes closed #i’mawhimp. It’s a Small World was beautiful, they went all out with decorations. Then we had front row VIP seats for the Christmas parade (inside the roped off street so close I could touch the performers close). It was amazing. We also got hot chocolate and a gingerbread man. Definitely felt like a celebrity.

Christmas lights
Christmas lights on It’s a Small World
Pluto & Goofy in the parade
Pluto & Goofy in the parade
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty

The next day we headed to Universal for more rides, a tour of the back lot and soundstages (so cool). After a half day at the park, we met up with Jimmy’s uncle and aunt and their two young kids who live in CA for dinner. It was great seeing them, we hadn’t seen them since our wedding.

After dinner we headed to our hotel to call it a night; our flight was at 7 the next morning. The flight back was amazing – Jimmy’s dad upgraded us to business class (I’d never ridden business class before) the seats folded down into beds and we got unlimited drinks and a great breakfast. It was the coolest thing ever, I feel so spoiled now.

All in all the vacation was incredible. Sharing Disney as a family was a fantastic experience. The rides were great, the shows were even better, and we got to have some quality family time. I’m feeling very thankful, happy and still in a bit of disbelief we just had that amazing vacation.

Merry Christmas

This year we did Christmas a little differently. In light of the Racine family Disneyland vacation and Kurt & Kate’s honeymoon, we did both on December 22 – the Racine Christmas (part 1) in the morning (part 2 will be via skype on Christmas eve, yes we’re fancy & high-tech) and the Ramyer rāy – mī -er Christmas in the evening. Then K&K  jet-setted the next morning to St. Lucia (jealous) and J&I will head to CA with the Racine family on Christmas morning.

Christmas Kai
Christmas Kai

Racine Family Christmas 2013

I decided to make us shirts and Mickey/Minnie ears for our upcoming trip – photos to come when we all wear them. [Yes I am aware I often go overboard, life is more fun this way.] Tutorials: shirts & Mickey/Minnie ears.

Ramyer Family Christmas 2013

Our first Christmas as a true family.

Parents Christmas tree
Freemyer Christmas tree
Kate & Ingrid Christmas stockings
Kate & I in Christmas stockings
parents & Kurt
Parents & Kurt
Jimmy Christmas 2013
Hunting Santa Jimmy

With all the presents, Santa, food, stress, and parties, it’s too easy to forget the real meaning of Christmas. So I leave you with this:

Christ the Lord

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This weekend we got our Christmas tree!

Buying our Christmas Tree by ingrid.racine

My family has always gone to HomeDepot for our trees so that’s where Jimmy & I went this weekend. So did the majority of the Arlington/Falls Church area because we had the longest line I’ve ever seen. Totally worth it though.

After surviving the line, we [Jimmy] tied the tree to my car ourselves and drove on home #independent.

Then it was time to start decorating.


Kai wasn’t sure if he liked this tree. Or the decorating. Or us moving his bed. He doesn’t like change. We’re working on it.

Putting the first ornament up. Ignore the sweet wrist brace, I took a little tumble on an outdoor parking garage ramp at work. It was slippery and raining and I stumbled away with a sprained wrist and some bruises.

If Kai was happy earlier, he’s definitely not happy now.
He loves me really. He just isn’t a fan of that reindeer costume. Unfortunately I am a huge fan of it and so he wears it every year 🙂

Our Christmas mantle.

And our post-decorating family selfie. At this point Kai is tired. He spent the next 30 minutes sleeping on the couch.
Racine family Christmas

Later that night we went to my work Holiday party. Where I took zero pictures but we had a blast.

Sunday brought on my Mom’s birthday and snow/ice. We ventured out for dinner with my parents, Kurt & Kate at Matchbox and then champagne and cake at our house.

I haven’t found the motivation to put up lights outside yet… I put a wreath on our door so that counts right?

Happy Halloween

I usually don’t like Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up in costumes, but I don’t really like Halloween. I hate being scared and I strongly dislike creepy things so Halloween at it’s core and I are not friends. However, I do dress up every year. Now that I am a home owner, Jimmy and I pass out candy each year too. I usually like this part, we mainly get little kids who are cute and not dressed like zombies or other scary things. Kai does not like this part much because he strongly dislikes hats. Which means he didn’t really like our costumes this year. I must have lost a bet or something because this year Jimmy talked me into dressing up as Ash Ketchum and Pikachu (from Pokemon). I had a fun time making his shirt and putting together his costume. I wasn’t crazy about mine so if we do this again, that will change.

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu