Friday Favorites #2

1. College Football Returns!

If you know me, you know I LOVE college football! I mean, this was our pregnancy announcement photo:

I am SO excited for this season. I can’t wait to have Bennett watch games with us.

2. Glow App

I have been tracking Bennett’s bottle intake since day 1 with Glow Baby. I also currently track his sleep, solid foods, and measurements. I used to track every nursing session, every pumping session, and all diapers too. That was just in the beginning while he was struggling to gain weight (actually he kept losing weight – so terrifying!) and while I struggled through my short breastfeeding time. It was so helpful to pull up all the data with his pediatrician.

Glow baby tracking app
Tracking everything – yellow = nursing, blue = pee diaper, brown = poop diaper, orange = pumping, yellow bottle = bottle
Glow baby tracking sleep app
Now I track sleep (blueish purple), bottles & solids

3. TV stand makeover

I got our tv stand my sophomore year in college from Walmart. Needless to say, it was time for a change. Also, I wanted to baby proof all the electronics so B didn’t follow in my footsteps and put crayons in the VCR (Blu-Ray now). I love it!

tv stand makeover
TV stand from Target

4. NutriBullet

Jimmy got me the NutriBullet for Christmas. I love it! As I’m trying to lose the baby weight, I am drinking a green protein smoothie for breakfast or lunch each day. Currently I am loving this combo: 50% filled with kale, spinach & swiss chard; a few pieces of pineapple, a few pieces of mango, soy natural flavored protein powder; coconut water; chia seeds on top. Delicious!

Friday Favorites

A few bloggers I follow list things they’re loving every week. I thought it was a great idea. So, here’s my first “Friday Favorites.”

1. Trader Joe’s Natural Facial Cleansing Pads

trader joes natural facial cleansing pads

One of my best friends introduced these to me on our annual girls’ lake weekend. I have recently been trying to use more natural products, while combating acne. (Seriously, I thought that was supposed to end after high school). These cleansing pads are great! They leave your skin a little tingly but overall clean well and work. Tea Tree Oil is great for fighting blemishes and all sorts of acne.

2. Thayer’s Original Witch Hazel

Thayers original witch hazel
Another skin care favorite, my sister-in-law said she started using witch hazel on her face and loved it. I immediately bought some and have to agree. It is soothing, minimizes pores, feels amazing.

3. Enlightened Ice Cream

enlightened triple chocolate ice cream

Switching gears, I cannot get enough of this ice cream! I’m currently loving the “Triple Chocolate” flavor, but I also love the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Those are the only two flavors I’ve tried (creature of habit), but I will venture out to other flavors because these are seriously amazing! They have more protein than normal ice cream and have fewer calories. I’ve definitely eaten a whole pint in one sitting. The Triple Chocolate has gooey fudge swirls that actually taste like fudge. Yum! I found it to be creamier than competitor Halo Top.

4. WubbaNub


Bennett doesn’t use his pacifiers a ton, but he does like them if he isn’t feeling 100%, needs to calm down, or is a little scared, like after shots or when falling asleep. We both loved the stuffed animal attached. Makes finding it under the crib 10000000x easier. The stuffed animal also becomes Bennett’s friend at night. I’m often watching him on the video baby monitor as he holds his elephant over his head “talking” to him. I imagine he’s sharing all about his day to his bestie before falling asleep. It is adorable!


Those are my current favorites this Friday.

Bennett is Six Months

Bennett is Six Months!

I am really loving this stage. Bennett is starting to get more of a personality every day. He’s so fun!

This month’s highlights include: Bennett getting baptized, me spending my first weekend away from him, and finally, he started solid foods.

Bennett’s baptism was beautiful and so special. Family and friends came out to St. James Catholic church and then to our house for a celebration. I didn’t take nearly enough pictures (especially of the decorations – I put gold cross confetti on every table). B wore a family heirloom gown and bonnet my Oma got in Ireland that three of my cousins wore for their baptisms. It was so special!

baby baptism
He looked like an angel <3

We started solids! We started with rice cereal, then introduced a new food every three days: sweet potatoes, followed by applesauce, then pears, then oatmeal, then bananas, then carrots finally avocado. He loved (in order of preference): 1) carrots, 2) pears, 3) applesauce, 4) oatmeal. He did not like the bananas or avocado. I think it’s a texture thing – he’s just not ready for non-puree yet.

Finally, my weekend away. I went on my annual girls lake weekend with my best friends to Smith Mountain Lake. It was so much fun! But, you guessed it, I missed B a lot. Jimmy did a great job solo Dad-ing. He even worked on Benny holding his own bottle while I was gone.

Typical Day:

7 am wake up & bottle

9 am nap for Ingrid & Bennett in their own rooms

10 am – 5 pm bottles on demand, naps every 1.5 – two hours; in this time, errands/I try to squeeze in a workout/lots of playing

5:30 pm bath

7 pm put Bennett down

7 pm dinner & Ingrid & Jimmy hang out time

B wakes up once a night for a bottle – Ingrid gives him and then sleeps until 7 am

Monthly Questionnaire

Age: 6 months

Weight: 20 lbs

Length: 28.25″

Size: 12 months

Eyes: blue

Hair: light brown

Sleeping:  he typically sleeps from 7 pm to 5:30 am. Wakes to chug a bottle. Then back to sleep until 7 am.

Eating: formula bottles: 6 oz each feeding; some solid foods (see above)

Milestones: “discovered” his feet; started solids; spent his first solo weekend with Daddy; got baptized

Memorable outings: his first vineyard trip

Bennett's first vineyard trip @chrysalisvineyards

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Likes: holding his feet, eating puréed carrots, rolling onto his tummy, getting his face cleaned, moving all the time

Dislikes: staying still, getting strapped in the car seat, not being able to crawl yet

Words/sounds: “a” “ahh” “ohhh” “mmhm”

Nicknames: “Little Man,” “Benny,” “B”

Interesting Facts: B loves him some vegetables

Funny moments: Every time he takes a bite of a food, he makes a face, then remembers he likes it and gobbles it down

Looking forward to: introducing more solid foods – it’s so fun!

Photos This Month:

Bennett is Four Months

Bennett is Four Months!


This is the first month I’m a stay at home mom. So far, it’s amazing. I love being there for Bennett all the time. I love seeing him grow and learn every single day.

This month is also sadly, the first month I’m not breastfeeding. Honestly, it is so freeing. Not having the stress and feeling like a failure is great. I miss the bond. I miss providing the best nutrition for my baby (you can’t replicate those antibodies). I miss the feeling of success when I pumped a bottle. I miss B falling asleep nursing. I do not miss late night feedings.

Typical Day:

7 am wake up & bottle

9 am nap for Ingrid & Bennett in B’s room

10 am – 6 pm bottles on demand, naps every 1.5 – two hours

6:30 pm put Bennett down

7 pm dinner & Ingrid & Jimmy hang out time

9:30 pm bed – Jimmy in B’s room, Ingrid in the master

midnight-Jimmy gives Bennett a bottle

4 am (or whenever Bennett wakes up for his next feeding) – Jimmy gets Ingrid and they swap rooms; Ingrid gives B a bottle

4 am – 7 am Ingrid & B try to sleep in B’s room

 Monthly Questionnaire

Age: 4 months

Weight: 16.5 lbs

Length: 26.75″

Size: 6 months and some 9 months

Eyes: blue

Hair: light brown

Sleeping: slept through the night (11 hours straight!) he sleeps in his crib in his “spacesuit” (Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit)

Eating: formula bottles: 4 oz each feeding

Milestones: 1) slept through the night!

Memorable outings: First time at the cottage/first time on a boat

Likes: ceiling fans, his changing table, loves his room

Dislikes: baths, staying still, his monthly tie stickers

Words/sounds: “a” “ahh” “ohhh”

Nicknames: “Little Man,” “Benny,” “Mr. Ahgoo, “B”

Interesting Facts: first month of all day everyday Mommy & Bennett time

Funny moments: I had my friends over – B tried so hard to stay up and hang out, but he just couldn’t make it. He fell asleep sitting up on Sarah’s lap.


Looking forward to: more sleep; his first beach trip (next month)

Photos from Bennett’s Fourth Month:

Bennett is Three Months

Bennett is Three Months!


People claimed it would get easier around three months. They were so right! We no longer feel like this baby will kill us (which would lead to an amazing Lifetime movie).

Sleeping wise, we finally figured some things out, first of all, we were keeping him up way too late! Benny needs to go to bed around 6-7 pm. Secondly, Bennett does better when Mommy is no where around him. This means, Jimmy starts the night in Bennett’s room (where we have a full sized adult bed) while B sleeps in his Rock ‘n Play.

Feeding wise, we’re stopping nursing at the end of this month. Cue all the tears. I literally gave it my all. Blood, sweat, and tears here. However, Bennett screams and hits me every time I try to nurse him now. His nursing sessions are getting shorter and shorter. The lactation specialists think it is because he knows a bottle is coming (we still have to supplement). I’m pumping for 20-30 minutes six times a day just to get half of what he needs. It is not sustainable. At least I made it to three months. That is a solid foundation.

Typical Day:

3 am nursing

Ingrid & B sleep in B’s room

6 am nursing

Ingrid & B try to sleep some more

7 am wake up & pump

9 am Gigi comes over, Ingrid naps, B gets bottles and naps with Gigi downstairs

noon – 6 pm: nurses every 3 hours, formula bottle after while Ingrid pumps, Ingrid naps whenever she can while Gigi watches B

6:30 pm put Bennett down

7 pm dinner while watching The Wheel of Fortune

8 pm last pumping followed by bed for Ingrid in master bedroom & Jimmy in B’s room

midnight – Jimmy gives B a bottle

midnight-3 am Jimmy & B sleep in B’s room, Ingrid in master

3 am (or whenever Bennett wakes up for his next feeding) – Jimmy gets Ingrid and they swap rooms


 Monthly Questionnaire

Age: 3 months

Weight: didn’t weigh him

Length: didn’t measure him

Size: 6 months and some 9 months – holy growth spurt

Eyes: blue

Hair: light brown

Sleeping: sleeps 5 hours straight on the regular *THANK YOU JESUS!

Eating: breastfeeding as much as he’ll let me, supplementing with breast milk or formula bottles 2-4 oz at a time

Milestones: first giggle when I brought him into City Hall and he thought Sandy was hilarious; first Easter

Memorable outings: went to City Hall; first road trip – went to Richmond so Ingrid could be in her friend Meredith’s wedding

Likes:  trying to talk, kicking, his mama, making faces, and trying to suck his thumb.

Dislikes: baths, being naked

Words/sounds: agu

Nicknames: “Little Man,” “Benny,” “Mr. Agu, “B”

Interesting Facts: he sneezes three times in a row once a day, every day

Funny moments: while organizing laundry, a burp cloth fell off the back of the couch right onto Bennett’s head – we all laughed

Looking forward to: his first recognize me smile; and sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep

Photos from Bennett’s Third Month:

Bennett is Two Months


Bennett is Two Months!

Month two is a little easier than the first month. We’re still having nursing challenges, but he’s finally gaining weight, thank goodness for formula. Fed is best everyone.

Sleeping is still rough but that’s to be expected. He’s up every hour and a half. Eating every hour and a half round the clock. Team Baby is Mommy, Gigi & Grandpa during the weekdays, Mommy, Gigi & Daddy for week nights, and just Mommy & Daddy for weekends. Kai is contemplating running away. I wouldn’t blame him.

Bennett saw his first snow! I insisted Jimmy go into work late so we could take some photos outside. I love snow! Then, while watching the news all day (like I do every snow day), I submitted a photo of Bennett doing his “snow angel” and he got featured! Little celebrity 🙂

Monthly Questionnaire

Age: 2 months

Weight: 11 lbs 12 oz

Length: 22″

Size: some newborn, mostly 3 months

Eyes: blue

Hair: light brown

Sleeping: not well. Towards the end of the month, we got a Rock n’ Play he sleeps better in that

Eating: breastfeeding with supplementation via a bottle. Eats every hour and a half around the clock

Milestones: started babbling, can fully support head, first smile

Memorable outings: 1) first time out to eat (Dogfish Head Alehouse with Mommy, Gigi, and Grandpa) 2) first movie – La La Land at the Cry Baby Matinee with Mommy and Gigi

Likes: ceiling fans, kicking, stretching, smiling, and of course eating

Dislikes: sleeping & baths

Words/sounds: agu

Nicknames: “Little Man,” “Benny,” “Mr. Agu”

Interesting Facts: he sneezes three times in a row once a day, every day

Funny moments: while organizing laundry, a burp cloth fell off the back of the couch right onto Bennett’s head – we all laughed

Looking forward to: his first recognize me smile; and sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep

Photos from Bennett’s Second Month:

Bennett is One Month

UntitledBennett is One month!

The past month has been a bit of a blur. Between the doctor’s appointments for the bilirubin, the weight gain problems, and the nursing challenges and the sleep deprivation, I barely remember anything. Team Baby is on full-team press to try to survive. (Team Baby is Jimmy, Ingrid, GiGi, and Grandpa).

Read more about the first month here.

Monthly Questionnaire

Age: 1 month

Weight: 8 lbs

Length: 21″

Size: newborn

Eyes: blue

Hair: dirty blonde

Sleeping: HAHAHAHA only when held or on his Daddy’s chest and that’s for a hot minute. I miss sleeping so much!

Eating: breastfeeding with supplementation via a feeding tube

Milestones: FINALLY passed his birth weight and is no longer jaundiced

Memorable outings: does the doctor count???

Likes: eating, windows, sleeping on Daddy, walks

Dislikes: being changed, waiting a second for anything, sleeping in his bassinet, crib, swing, rock ‘n play, etc…

Words/sounds: grunts all.the.time when sleeping

Nicknames: “Little Man,” “Benny,” “Mr. Piggy”

Interesting Facts: he sneezes four times in a row once a day, every day

Funny moments: his first bath was hilarious

Looking forward to: sleeping, getting nursing down, sleeping, his first real smile, sleeping, oh and sleeping

Photos from Bennett’s First Month:

36 Weeks Pregnant

Weekly Update

36 weeks pregnant is my last week I could deliver a preemie. That is very comforting to me. This week had a huge variety of emotions. On the happy side, I had my last baby shower – thank you to my amazing co-workers! On the stressed side: my OB appointment.

Elevated Heart Rate Scare

Wednesday morning I had my weekly OB appointment. As always, I walked the two blocks from my office to the doctor. Apparently this is now too much for my body. When I arrived my blood pressure was high and (much more alarming) Baby’s heart rate was in the 180s. Normally his heart rate has been in the 140s or 150s. So, I got to be hooked up to monitors in the NST room (non stress test) to watch his heart rate and to watch for contractions for almost an hour. That freaked me out!

After the monitoring, I went back in to see my doctor who assured me once I started resting, Baby’s heart rate went back to where it should be. Then we got to see him on the ultrasound. It’s been a month since I got to see my little guy. I found out he is head down and “ready to go.” We also got “the best sign ever that everything is good” by seeing him breathing! It was amazing to watch his little back rise and fall as he practiced his breathing. Also, still creepy to me that babies breath in the fluid…

Take it Easy

Once we determined Baby is ok when I’m resting. I got “sidelined.” At this point I could deliver a healthy little guy so bed rest isn’t needed, but we want him to “keep cooking” longer – especially this week when one set of grandparents are in the middle of the ocean and Jimmy will be 8 hours away for a couple days. So, I will walk as little as possible, keep as calm as possible, and limit all activity. Jimmy took this super seriously and came home early so he could be the one to go to the grocery store and cook dinner. So sweet!

Luckily this week was inauguration so I had off work on Friday, that made the Take-It-Easy plan super easy to follow. Netflix and delivery food here I come! However, I quickly discovered, I no longer enjoy an all-day binge watching marathon like I used to [what is the world coming to?!?!?]. So I’m only doing that sidelined thing for one day. I will still not walk much because I don’t want to elevate Baby’s heart rate, but I’m going to do normal things like the dishes or go to brunch.

Car Seat Inspection

Saturday morning, I decided I needed to get out of the house, so I made the terrible decision to go to Fairfax County car seat inspection event. As a local government employee, I could have asked the City of Falls Church Sheriff’s department to inspect my car seat. While I’m at work. Nope. I decided to drive myself to a parking garage in Fairfax. Sit in my car in the line that took two hours, get it inspected, then drive back. Holy swollen feet after that one.

In case you are wondering, we were in the 75% of people who incorrectly installed the car seat. It wiggled a bit. Basically we needed to drop the feet of the base down all the way, then tighten it, then look at the bubble level.

However, I was told it “was very good for a ‘mommy install” and “you can get multiple bases to install one in your mom’s car if she’ll be helping you.” Yes, because I went to a car seat inspection event by myself, I was labeled a single mother. Unfortunately, I put zero effort into my appearance that morning, so I also looked like a high schooler. Everyone was probably wondering where my MTV film crew was. I didn’t care at all, but Jimmy (who was out of town for work) did get a little offended and defensive about it when I told him. Sorry, but having two people sit in a car to get a car seat inspected is not a good use of time.

36 Weeks Pregnant Questionnaire:

How far along? 36 Weeks

How big is baby? 18.5″ and almost 6 lbs; the size of a honeydew melon

Maternity clothes? Yes.

Sleep: Tuesday night I slept for 5 hours straight! Other that that, I get up every 2 hours to pee.

Best moment this week: Seeing baby breathing

Movement: My doctor said he’s “a wild child”

Food Cravings: Chinese

Food Aversions: most food sounds bad, but I’m either STARVING or nauseous all the time 🙁

Gender: Baby’s a boy!

Labor Signs: He still feels like he’s trying to kick his way out aka he’s kicking my cervix on the regular. It hurts. I did find out he is head down and ready to go, that is very good news!

Pregnancy Symptoms: high blood pressure after “exercise,” nausea, fatigue, acne

Belly Button in or out? Out

What I miss: feeling like my body is mine

What I am looking forward to: meeting my little guy

Upcoming appointments/events: 1/25, 2/1 OB – we’re in the weekly appointments now

Weekly Wisdom: Slow down

Milestones: last week before full term

Bump Picture: ummm I didn’t take one… I have been taking them Saturday or Sunday each week but it was rainy or I was tired and I didn’t go to the store for a honeydew melon. I’ll hold the melon in my 37 week photo because that week is a winter melon which sounds similar to honeydew.

17 Weeks Pregnant

Monday was labor day. I thoroughly enjoyed the long weekend. Summary: We went to the cottage, watched college football, went to Joe’s for lunch, moved around furniture to prepare for the nursery.

Thursday Jimmy headed to my parents’ to stay the night so he could get up early on Friday to go hunting and then head to the Eastern Shore for more hunting Friday afternoon-Saturday. After hunting, he raced back home so we could watch the Battle at Bristol. Of course I was disappointed by the loss, I mean, we basically handed Tennessee the win with two fumbles inside the 20. I’m choosing to remember the 1st quarter and how excited I was with the drive and fire we had starting off.

Saturday morning I went for my first pregnancy run. It felt pretty good. I was up early (before 7 am) and it wasn’t too hot yet, so I decided to grab my shoes and give it a go. I definitely listened to my body and didn’t even try to push myself. I “ran” one mile in 11:31 and then walked three miles. I am still sore today (Monday). I’m thinking I’ll keep the slow pace so I don’t pump up the heart rate too much but increase the miles as I feel better and stronger.

Sunday I went to a wonderful brunch with some co-workers hosted by an amazing former co-worker – we miss you Laura! Sunday evening, we had a cookout with Jimmy’s parents & Katie to celebrate his mom’s birthday. It’s always great to see family.

17 Weeks Pregnant Questionnaire:

How far along? 17 Weeks

How big is baby? The size of an onion, pear, or pomegranate (depending on the source). I originally went with a pomegranate, but it was super small, so I got a pear on a later grocery trip. [I was surely not posing with an onion.]

Maternity clothes? Pretty much yes to all. I still wear some normal dresses and shirts.

Sleep: I wake up exhausted every morning. I’m also back to my wishing I could nap every afternoon

Best moment this week: setting up most of the nursery furniture

Movement: I feel flutters when I talk to baby

Food cravings: soups, salads, ice cream, Peiking Pavilion chicken lo mein

Food Aversions: haven’t really wanted to eat much meat

Gender: I’m still thinking girl so we’ll probably find out baby’s a boy

Labor Signs: this question is irrelevant until later

Pregnancy Symptoms: tired! hungry!

Belly Button in or out? In but it’s coming out more and more

What I miss: a cold beer with my college football – however I smelled one of Jimmy’s and it seemed DISGUSTING so I really don’t have any desire to drink, I just miss the experience of tailgating maybe?

What I am looking forward to: finding out gender

Upcoming appointments/events: nothing until the ultrasound 9/19

Weekly Wisdom: won’t get to use this one for a while but I read it on a blog and want to make sure I remember it: when you make the bed for a crib, layer one waterproof mattress protector, one sheet, one waterproof mattress protector, one sheet. That way when baby has a blowout/leak/spit up in the middle of the night, you just strip the top combo (sheet & protector) and there’s another ready to go underneath. No fumbling around at 3 am to find a new sheet and realizing all the mattress protectors are in the laundry.

Milestones: baby’s cartilage is turning to bone

Bump Picture:

17 weeks pregnant
Kai is over this bump pic. Yep, I’m wearing white after Labor Day, I’m a rebel 🙂

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer Felicity Dress in Resort White Shellabrate [I got it via Lilly’s summer sale]

Labor Day Weekend

Saturday we headed to the cottage as soon as Jimmy got back from lacrosse. Tech was playing our first game at 12:30 and I was NOT missing kickoff. I was also needing to go to Wawa before the game so I could get the Pumpkin Spice latte & (heated up) turkey sub I’ve been dreaming about. So leaving on-time was crucial.

Having college football back makes me so happy 🙂

The weather was crazy in Southern Maryland – so windy! Thanks to Hurricane Hermine (I prounounce this Hermione after the Harry Potter character #wontstop). So we had a pretty low key time watching college football, snacking on some bagel bites, napping, relaxing.

Solomon's Island Maryland
Bridge view of Solomon’s Island, MD

We did adventure down to the pier during halftime. Jimmy noticed our bench had blown off the pier and was floating down the cove. So, my dad and Jimmy raced over to the cottage proper to grab a row boat and go rescue the bench.

row boat bench rescue
row boat bench rescue

Sunday my Dad steamed up some crabs for us to take home. Then we headed back to VA around 4.

Maryland blue crabs
Maryland crabs! And that Disneyland shirt Jimmy loves so much

Monday was so nice to have a day off! Jimmy got up to go to basketball. I planned on sleeping in, but I got up around 7, mainly because I was starving. I took the morning to relax by making a k-cup cappuccino, honey whole wheat flax-seed pancakes, and watching some TV with Kai. Then I finally put away all my normal work clothes and replaced my closet with all my maternity clothes I have thus far. <– It’s already making getting dressed so much easier. I still have to go through my drawers to pack up most of my t-shirts, leggings, pants, and shorts.

Jimmy got home around 11 and asked if I wanted to go to Joe’s for their buffet lunch. Umm, YES!!!! Joe’s buffet is one of my favorites. It was delicious.

When we got home, we decided to move furniture. We moved our office to our downstairs guest room (from baby’s room) my huge white dresser up to baby’s room, and finally rearranged the layout in baby’s room. I really wanted to do all the furniture moving during this month so I wouldn’t be big and unable to help. I feel so much more settled and calm now that we have this project done. Now I can decorate 🙂

Sunday evening, Jimmy made us chicken pot pie for dinner and we watched more college football. Overall, this was a great weekend!