Bennett is Three Months

Bennett is Three Months!


People claimed it would get easier around three months. They were so right! We no longer feel like this baby will kill us (which would lead to an amazing Lifetime movie).

Sleeping wise, we finally figured some things out, first of all, we were keeping him up way too late! Benny needs to go to bed around 6-7 pm. Secondly, Bennett does better when Mommy is no where around him. This means, Jimmy starts the night in Bennett’s room (where we have a full sized adult bed) while B sleeps in his Rock ‘n Play.

Feeding wise, we’re stopping nursing at the end of this month. Cue all the tears. I literally gave it my all. Blood, sweat, and tears here. However, Bennett screams and hits me every time I try to nurse him now. His nursing sessions are getting shorter and shorter. The lactation specialists think it is because he knows a bottle is coming (we still have to supplement). I’m pumping for 20-30 minutes six times a day just to get half of what he needs. It is not sustainable. At least I made it to three months. That is a solid foundation.

Typical Day:

3 am nursing

Ingrid & B sleep in B’s room

6 am nursing

Ingrid & B try to sleep some more

7 am wake up & pump

9 am Gigi comes over, Ingrid naps, B gets bottles and naps with Gigi downstairs

noon – 6 pm: nurses every 3 hours, formula bottle after while Ingrid pumps, Ingrid naps whenever she can while Gigi watches B

6:30 pm put Bennett down

7 pm dinner while watching The Wheel of Fortune

8 pm last pumping followed by bed for Ingrid in master bedroom & Jimmy in B’s room

midnight – Jimmy gives B a bottle

midnight-3 am Jimmy & B sleep in B’s room, Ingrid in master

3 am (or whenever Bennett wakes up for his next feeding) – Jimmy gets Ingrid and they swap rooms


 Monthly Questionnaire

Age: 3 months

Weight: didn’t weigh him

Length: didn’t measure him

Size: 6 months and some 9 months – holy growth spurt

Eyes: blue

Hair: light brown

Sleeping: sleeps 5 hours straight on the regular *THANK YOU JESUS!

Eating: breastfeeding as much as he’ll let me, supplementing with breast milk or formula bottles 2-4 oz at a time

Milestones: first giggle when I brought him into City Hall and he thought Sandy was hilarious; first Easter

Memorable outings: went to City Hall; first road trip – went to Richmond so Ingrid could be in her friend Meredith’s wedding

Likes:  trying to talk, kicking, his mama, making faces, and trying to suck his thumb.

Dislikes: baths, being naked

Words/sounds: agu

Nicknames: “Little Man,” “Benny,” “Mr. Agu, “B”

Interesting Facts: he sneezes three times in a row once a day, every day

Funny moments: while organizing laundry, a burp cloth fell off the back of the couch right onto Bennett’s head – we all laughed

Looking forward to: his first recognize me smile; and sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep

Photos from Bennett’s Third Month:

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