34 Weeks

Monday we had off for New Years. I used the time to pack up Jimmy’s hospital bag and to finish up the gallery wall in the nursery. I have never done a gallery wall before, but wanted to try. I knew wanted a mix of materials and sizes with a canvas painting, an oar, a letter, and some other pieces. I got the oar and the painting from Wayfair, the B and the I’ll Love You Forever print from Etsy, the frame from Ikea, and I made the sign. I ordered a sign from Etsy but it ended up being the wrong color, (a bright turquoise, which would not have gone with anything) so I traced the words from the wrong sign and made my own wood sign with barn wood from Hobby Lobby. Next time, I will just make my own signs to begin with, it was way easier than I thought and I totally could’ve come up with font combinations to trace onto the boards.

natural nautical Nursery gallery wall

natural nautical nursery Nursery gallery wall

Now the nursery is complete 🙂 I’ll do a separate post with photos of the whole nursery and where I got everything.

Thursday morning was so weird. Before I go to bed, I check that I have my alarm turned on (sometimes I turn it off after hitting snooze). So, Wednesday night, I checked the alarm, it was on. Thursday morning, it did not go off. Luckily my numb left hip woke me up at 7:15 – the exact time I get up each morning. I glanced at my FitBit to see if I had time to roll over and sleep more or if it was close enough to wake up time that I should get up. It said 7:15. I looked at my phone. Alarm is still “on.” I laid there watching my phone until 7:15 when I decided the phone failed. I guess not all bad side effects are bad all the time. Thank you hip for getting me up so I could get to work on-time.

Friday evening, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I went to Paint Night. We bought tickets for my MIL’s Christmas gift. I love paint nights. Now that there is a paint bar in Mosaic (right near our house), I see lots of paint nights in the future.

Saturday, we got our first snow! One of my all time favorite things to do is sit by the fire and watch the snow fall. I love snow! We didn’t get enough for my liking – a good 4-6″ inches is nice – enough to play in, but not enough to be too difficult.

Saturday morning, Jimmy and I went to an Infant CPR class. I didn’t want to do a full CPR certification course (because I am very pregnant at this point and that sounds tiring), but I wanted to do some training. I fully believe in the umbrella theory; if you bring an umbrella it won’t rain. So, if we take a CPR class, we won’t ever need it. Or, if we (God forbid) do need it, we’ll be prepared. The class was great! I am so glad we took it. I’ve been CPR certified most of my life, but Jimmy never has taken any sort of class before so it was especially good for him to learn.

Infant cpr

Somehow Jimmy and I got split into two different classes (his at 8:30 and mine at 11:30) which of course sent me into a panic. However, Jimmy took charge, said we’d both go to the 8:30 and he’d handle it. He talked to the instructor for us, explained the registration error, and let us both take it together. Life saver there!

Sunday, we had our Jack and Jill baby shower. We headed to Manassas so everyone in Jimmy’s life could celebrate baby. I’ve said before, but we feel so blessed there are so many people who are so excited for this baby. We had so much fun at the shower! My sister-in-law did an amazing job with the games, my father-in-law killed it with the food, and everyone had a blast! Jimmy and I couldn’t stop talking about how great it was the whole drive home. Finally, my in-laws were INCREDIBLE and got us our travel system car seat & stroller so we’re all ready for baby now!

Adorable cake and baby cookies – the only photo I took, so I’ll have to get some from Katie

Speaking of the car ride home, Jimmy had a few beers at the shower – he’s drinking for two after all 🙂 and wanted to call some people on the drive home. My phone was connected to my car’s bluetooth and is in my purse in the backseat, so he just used speakerphone. We called his best friend Andy, then called my brother, then finally called my parents. My Dad didn’t answer so Jimmy called my Mom’s cell. Then he dropped the phone in between my seat and the center console. I’m driving down I-66 so I can’t reach the phone. Of course, it goes to voicemail. Jimmy was going to leave a funny “This is a test of the Baby emergency announcement system” message but now that the phone is out of reach he goes “Dori! I dropped the phone. This will be a very long message.” While I am laughing so hard I’m starting to cry. Jimmy is going “pull over” and the whole thing is a hilarious mess. Well, my parents see that Jimmy (not me) called both of them. Then they listen to the scrambled message that sounds like me crying, Jimmy talking about something from far away, and general chaos. So, they instantly think I’m in labor. Apparently they were about to pack everything up and jump in the car for the 8 hour drive when we finally got a hold of them. Good times hahaha.

34 Weeks Pregnant Questionnaire:

How far along? 34 Weeks

How big is baby? 17.7″ & 4.7 lbs; the size of a butternut squash

Maternity clothes? Yes.

Sleep: I have stress dreams about labor, finding daycare, work (typical for me), and parenting in general, so when I fall asleep I’m often restless. Something I haven’t mentioned yet on this blog, the drool. I never drooled before, I swear, but ever since I’ve been in the third trimester, I’ve actually woken myself up in a pool of drool. Ahhhh! It is disgusting. I guess my body goes into a super comatose sleep whenever I actually fall asleep and at that state, anything can happen. Pregnancy is so glamorous. If I’m not falling into that super-deep sleep, I’m not sleeping at all. I believe it’s been four nights since I’ve slept more than four hours. Sunday night was all about the Baby dance party the whole night. I think he was still excited from his baby shower.

Best moment this week: 1) baby shower, 2) infant CPR class, 3) paint night

Movement: Yes, some days he is more active than others, but every hour he’s at least wiggling around. We spent a while Monday night trying to get Jimmy to feel some movement. This kid did not cooperate.

Food Cravings: spaghetti

Food Aversions: most food sounds bad, but I’m either hungry or nauseous all the time  🙁

Gender: Baby’s a boy!

Labor Signs: He feels like he’s trying to kick his way out aka he’s kicking my cervix on the regular – didn’t even know that was possible to feel, but it is. I did have a nightmare this week that I had to deliver Baby in our bathtub because everything happened so quickly. While this sounds terrifying, I totally rocked that fake delivery and was calmly all “Jimmy, please put Kai in our bedroom for when paramedics get here. And call 911, Baby is coming now.” while holding a premie newborn. And, “Please go get our hospital bags, oh and Baby’s.” Followed by: “You’ll need to put pants on to go to the hospital. Perhaps you shouldn’t be driving.” So, maybe my subconscious is telling me I can handle anything (and apparently Jimmy cannot hahahaha).

Pregnancy Symptoms: fatigue; acne; nausea; this is feeling like the first trimester all over again + waddling. Oh and I peed my pants for the first time Thursday. Baby kicked my bladder so hard, there was nothing I could do. Luckily it happened right when I got home for lunch so I could change before going back to work. Finally, my face is super puffy now. I mean, yes I continue to gain weight so that contributes, but the photos from last week to this week are crazy how much puffier my face looks – at the same weight.

Belly Button in or out? Flat, but out more – the turkey pop up belly button is coming noooooo

What I miss: a large glass of wine (not drinking has been super easy, but I am definitely looking forward to that first glass of wine)

What I am looking forward to: our baby shower this weekend

Upcoming appointments/events: 1/11, 1/18, 1/25 OB – we’re in the weekly appointments now

Weekly Wisdom: Walk like a penguin when walking over snow and ice when pregnant. Seriously, take the waddle to the next level. It’s easier for you to keep your balance and you’re less likely to fall. And wear proper shoes!

Milestones: Peed my pants. That seems like a pregnancy milestone.

Bump Picture:

34 weeks pregnant
Oh the lack of sleep is so apparent in my eyes
Butternut squash “Baby” got snow on my dress