33 Weeks

Monday, we had off in honor of Christmas. Jimmy went duck hunting in the Eastern Shore – super rough since he got about 4 hours of sleep thanks to staying at my parents’, but apparently worth it because he said he had lots of fun. We got back home around 7 pm, ate some leftovers (and some honey nut cheerios for me) and went to bed ASAP. However, I did NOT sleep well. Monday night brought on a whole new pregnancy side effect: my hip and knee will go numb while I’m sleeping and wake me up, so I roll over to the other side, then that side will go numb. Rinse and repeat all night long. Getting ready to have this baby here.

Wednesday, I had an OB appointment. Baby is doing great. I however, had an elevated heart rate. So, I need to slow down a bit. I also used the appointment to turn in my Family Medical Leave Act paper work for my doctor to fill out. Surprisingly, my employer does not actually have a maternity leave plan, but they do follow FMLA. So, after meeting with HR, I am going to use all my sick leave & vacation time to get 6 weeks of paid time and 6 weeks of unpaid time for the total of three months allowed under FMLA as my “maternity leave.” In order to do so, I have to have my doctor fill out the form that says I will be needing medical leave. I really want Baby to be as old as possible before he goes to daycare so I’m planning on working up until “D-Day” (delivery day).

Thursday night, we watched the Tech Arkansas bowl game. I made Jimmy-shot venison chili in the crock pot to have for dinner while we watched the game. Jimmy got home late from work (well earlier than normal, but later than the 5:30 time I gave him) so we were delayed watching the game until halftime. Talk about a comeback! We went to bed smiling that night. Oh, and I slept great!

Then it was New Years Eve! (Friday was uneventful) We took it easy this year and stopped by The City of Falls Church’s Watch Night – great free celebration.

Virginia is for lovers LOVE sculpture City of Falls Church watch night

Then we headed home for some sparkling cider and to try the Fre Champagne I got – alcohol removed champagne. While sparkling ciders are great, they’re a little sweet for me and I miss the flavor of real champagne, so I thought I’d give this a try. This brand offers champagne and a couple wines, all with alcohol removed. Let me tell you, it was delicious! Tasted just like champagne but without the buzz. Definitely a win for pregnancy. And no, I didn’t make it until midnight; I lasted until 10:30 pm.

Fre champagne

Sunday, we went to the movies with Jimmy’s parents to see the new Star Wars movie. I’ve been battling a cold all weekend, so this was my only activity of the day. It was fun to get out for a bit.


How far along? 33 Weeks

How big is baby? 17.2″ & 4.2 lbs; the size of a pineapple

Maternity clothes? Yes.

Sleep: Sleep is the worst now. If I’m not waking up to go to the bathroom, I’m waking up to a numb hip or knee. I cannot get comfortable. I spend most of the night petting Kai – poor dog is probably exhausted too – but this comforts me and helps me fall back asleep. I did have a couple good nights of sleep, which is life changing.

Best moment this week: 1) New Years Eve: 2017 is Baby year!, 2) watching our last Hokie football game of the year

Movement: Yes, but I think he’s running out of room because it’s more wiggles and waves than kicks and flips this week

Food Cravings: fruit, Chipotle, spaghetti

Food Aversions: had a few times where the thought of any food at all made me nauseous oh and I threw up my Honey Nut Cheerios (Tuesday’s dinner) so those might be out again just like 1st trimester

Gender: Baby’s a boy!

Labor Signs: none that I can feel. I inflated my labor ball to start bouncing around on the regular. A friend of mine said she would bounce while watching TV and eating Domino’s pizza

Pregnancy Symptoms: sleep problems; I am hot ALL THE TIME – like open the window when it’s 34 degrees out hot; Tuesday brought back nausea and a round of vomiting for old time’s sake (aka I’m hoping this won’t be a recurring symptom again)

Belly Button in or out? Flat but in more?!?!?

What I miss: sleeping, even for two or three hours at a time

What I am looking forward to: the ability to bend – to paint my toes, reach something I dropped, put on shoes, etc – currently I either can’t or it squishes Baby and he lets me know that is NOT cool

Upcoming appointments/events: 12/28 OB & 1/11 OB – we’re in the bi-weekly appointments now

Weekly Wisdom: slow down on the walks at this stage – apparently I elevate my heart rate easily

Milestones: we’re in 2017 aka Baby birth year!

Bump Picture:

33 weeks pregnant

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