32 Weeks

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Baby Bump

This week was a whirlwind of activity. Monday night I hosted the fourth anniversary of our wine club. Sarah, Jayme, and Keli all came over for a fire and a delicious spread of pomegranate goat cheese salad, a red & green fruit tray, bagel bites, cookies, baked brie, and the gooiest fudge ever (fail). We missed you Meredith! This year¬†marks the second of no drinking for me (last year I had just gotten my wisdom teeth out). Hopefully next year I can partake in the wine part of the wine club ūüôā I stayed up until after 10 laughing and having so much fun with these girls – totally worth being tired!
Fourth anniversary wine club

Tuesday was Jimmy’s 32 birthday! He got up bright and early to head to the gym. When he got home, I had breakfast waiting for him. Cheesy eggs, breakfast sausage, an english muffin, and coffee.

Tuesday during work, I had the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce buffet luncheon. I go up, get my food, start walking back to my table, and my meatball rolls off my plate, bounces off my belly, and rolls across the floor. I started crying I was laughing so hard! The director of the chamber watched the whole thing and was dying laughing too.

Tuesday night, we were both exhausted from three parties in three nights, so we got some takeout from Anthony’s Restaurant and chilled on the couch. It was wonderful.

Wednesday our glider came! I could not choose a glider for the life of me. We went into multiple stores to test them out. Obviously I loved the Dutailier reclining model (aka all the money ($500-$700). Jimmy really liked the armchair style ($360). However, I just could not feel ok spending that much money on a chair. Especially one that would likely get spit up on. So, I started looking for a glider that 1) had removable seats/pads (making cleaning easier), 2) was reasonably priced, 3) got good reviews, 4) would fit both me and Jimmy. This led me to the Shermag Glider Rocker Combo with Ottoman ($223). I added it to my Amazon Baby Registry and used my 15% completion discount to purchase the glider (and a bunch of other things we needed) so I ended up paying a little over $200. It glides smoothly and silently, is comfortable, fits Jimmy, has removable cushions. So, met all the requirements. Naturally, I needed to fully assemble the glider the same night I got it.

Shermag glider and ottoman
Ignore the tiny white Styrofoam pieces – didn’t get to vacuum before I snapped the picture

Wednesday night, at 10:36 pm, Kai had a COMPLETE FREAK OUT! He must have heard something in the backyard because he jumped out of bed barking. He then proceeded to bark at the top of the stairs – nope that’s not scary at all when you’re home alone (Jimmy was at lacrosse) and was just sleeping. I decided he probably needed to go out, so I bravely went downstairs and let him loose. He sprinted barking to our woodpile, jumped on top of the woodpile, and barked looking over the neighbor’s fence. This makes me think it was an animal in the backyard and not a scary home invader. I didn’t do any of the things Jimmy has me practice for when there’s a possible home threat. Actually, I didn’t even take out my earplugs to listen for a threat. Fails all around. I figured Kai sounded mean enough. Well, actually, I wasn’t thinking. I was exhausted and achy and super pregnant.

Friday, I got a half day from work in honor of Christmas Eve. So, I installed the Husky All Weather mats and cargo cover in my car.

Saturday morning (Christmas Eve), Jimmy went duck hunting with a friend. Later that day, we went to Jimmy’s parents’ for mass at All Saints in Manassas, enjoy the traditional Christmas Eve pizza dinner, and have a sleep over – Christmas jammies for the win! Christmas morning, we all opened presents and had breakfast. I know Jimmy loved waking up in his childhood home and going downstairs for Christmas morning just like he used to ūüôā

Christmas 2016
Christmas Mass 2016

After the Racine Christmas, it was time to hit the road to head to Southern, MD for the Freemyer Christmas. I am thankful every holiday that our families live so close, so we are able to either do combo holidays, or celebrate with both separately and be able to continue with our own family traditions each year.

32 Weeks Pregnant Questionnaire:

How far along? 32 Weeks

How big is baby?¬†16″ & 3.8 lbs; the size of a¬†jicama (a what?!?!? so again, no fruit this week)

Maternity clothes? Yes.

Sleep:¬†Getting to the uncomfortable stage here. Oh and if I try to straighten and stretch out my legs while sleeping, I get a Charley¬†Horse! I have never had one before; it is painful! I scared Kai terribly by yelling out in pain around 6 am Tuesday morning. Not fun. I’m also still getting up every hour. #LackOfSleepTrainingMama

Best moment this week:¬†1) Christmas, 2) wine club Christmas¬†night (seeing Sarah!!!!), 3) Jimmy’s birthday

Movement:¬†I’m trying to think the fact that only I can feel him (due to my anterior placenta), is special and a bond between just us, but really it’s annoying and I want my family and friends to share in the baby kick magic.

Food Cravings: spaghetti [met this craving twice on Tuesday – for lunch and dinner #NoShame]

Food Aversions: none

Gender: Baby’s a boy!

Labor Signs: none that I can feel. I inflated my labor ball to start bouncing around on the regular.

Pregnancy Symptoms:¬†I can breathe easier this week. He’s definitely lower than he was. Hopefully this means he’s getting head down and ready. Although we still have some time for that. However, this means that when I stand up, I instantly feel like I’m going to topple over because his weight is concentrated in a low ball. Other symptoms: those night-time Charley Horses (AHHHHHHHHH), getting up every hour, crying at random things (like this video that definitely is not sad or even sentimental)

Belly Button in or out? Flat

What I miss: walking instead of waddling

What I am looking forward to: the first time I get to hold him. I seriously dream about baby cuddles every single night.

Upcoming appointments/events: 12/28 OB – we’re in the bi-weekly appointments now

Weekly Wisdom: get the nursery done in the 2nd trimester, I know this is aggressive, but by the third, you¬†probably won’t be up for organizing, building, rearranging.¬†I feel so settled knowing everything is ready for Baby.

Milestones: Bump’s first Christmas – I’m a purist and won’t say Baby’s first Christmas until he has one on the outside.

Bump Picture:
32 weeks pregnant

32 weeks pregnant
The funny one

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