29 Weeks

This week started the Christmas spirit with a downtown tree lighting ceremony for work (The City of Falls Church) on Monday. Santa was there! I took 11,000 steps Monday running around coordinating, planning, and putting this event together. It was totally worth it though, we had a great crowd come out. However, my feet were still sore all of Tuesday.

Monday was also a very bad day for my bank account. Is it just me or were the Cyber Monday deals great this year? I got so many things I needed for Baby, some Christmas shopping started, and might have gotten myself a couple things. How many times can I use the push present excuse for shopping?

Wednesday, I had my 7 month OB appointment and my glucose screening for gestational diabetes. I heard terrible things about the sugary drink you have to consume for the test. However, if my college days taught me anything, it’s that you can power through and chug a beverage when necessary. I was also pretty nervous about this test. Not because I thought I had gestational diabetes, but because you can fail the first screening (without having gestational diabetes) and have to take a second 3-hour test involving fasting. I do not do well with fasting. But guess what? I passed! 🙂

Honestly, I liked the drink. I thought it was delicious. Although I didn’t taste it too much because I did chug it. The lab technician said to finish it in three minutes. I did in one minute #overachiever. I impressed everyone in the room. Very proud moment in my life haha. Unfortunately, after the test I had to go back up to to doctor (they were running over an hour behind; I ended up staying there over 2 hours ahhhhhh). If the long waits weren’t killer enough, they gave me a shot too. It’s the whooping cough shot that I needed but still, I don’t like needles, after the four vials of blood for the glucose test (why must you take so much???) and then the shot, I was over the doctor. Good thing I get to go back in two weeks #sarcasm.

Wednesday evening, Jimmy and I went to a paint night together; this was his gift to me for my birthday. So fun! Although I did discover, I do better at these things with a glass of wine. I overthink without the vino. But, the Baby kicks I got to experience made me giggle and smile the whole time, so I didn’t mind not producing my best work one bit.

Paint night at muse paint bar

Paint night at muse paint bar

Friday night was a low-key movie night at our house. We watched Good Will Hunting. Jimmy had never seen it!

My boys #cuddles #fridaynight #movienight

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Saturday, we kept up with the tradition and went to Home Depot to get our Christmas tree. My family has been getting our trees from Home Depot my entire life. While we let the tree rest, [that’s a thing normal people do right???] I washed baby bottles and we decorated the nursery (nursery art pictured via: The Wildlands’ Etsy shop).

Merrifield Home Depot Christmas tree
Merrifield Home Depot Christmas tree shopping
washing baby bottles
measuring for nursery art
Measuring to hang nursery art
Kai napping
Kai is supervising

Saturday evening, we headed out with Kurt, Kate, Mike & Keli (and some of Kurt & Kate’s friends) to watch the ACC championship at Mister Day’s in Clarendon. This year was extra fun because it was Jimmy & my team (Virginia Tech) vs Kurt & Kate’s team (Clemson). Family feud at it’s finest. Our group was about half Hokies and half Tigers so it was great fun to watch the surprisingly close game. Sweaters via: Tipsy Elves

Family feud night #Hokies #Tigers #accchampionship #TipsyElves

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Jayme and Dave happened to go to the same bar we did! There’s a reason we’re all best friends 🙂

Go Hokies! #bestfriends #babybump #babybumpinabar #accchampionship

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Shots! (Iced tea for this mama-to-be)

Sunday, was church followed by brunch with co-workers (for me) and a scouting mission for hunting (for Jimmy). Then I took a nap because staying out until after midnight is not a thing I can do anymore. Finally, I decorated outside with Christmas lights.


How far along? 29 Weeks

How big is baby? 15.2″ & 2.5 lbs; the size of a bunch of grapes (smaller than the eggplant) or an acorn squash but I really want grapes now, so Baby will be the grapes this week

Maternity clothes? Absolutely. I did squeeze into a non-maternity sweater for the ACC Championship game – see above (I sized up and got a Medium so Baby bump could squeeze in with me)

Sleep: pretty good actually. Only got up twice Wednesday night to go to the bathroom – win!

Best moment this week: 1) decorating for Christmas & getting our tree! 2) watching the ACC Championship with Kurt & Kate

Movement: he was more wiggly than a kicker this week.

Food Cravings: cereal

Food Aversions: none

Gender: Baby’s a boy!
it's a boy confetti

Labor Signs: I might be having some Braxton Hicks. I get this muscle tingling at the top of my stomach that is super annoying but goes away if I move. Typically you hear Braxton Hicks are a tightening of your stomach that lasts under a minute and goes away if you move, so this new fun side effect might be not be Braxton Hicks. I’m sure I will know them when they actually happen.

Pregnancy Symptoms: my feet hate me – they’re really small to begin with (size 5, which is women’s not kid’s ThankYouVeryMuch) so walking with the extra weight on them is killing me

Belly Button in or out? Flat and hurts again

What I miss: the energy to do anything

What I am looking forward to: Christmas! And Jimmy’s birthday

Upcoming appointments/events: 12/14 OB – we’re in the bi-weekly appointments now

Weekly Wisdom: when strangers ask if you’re taking a birthing class (and you’re not actually taking a birthing class) lie, or be prepared for a 20 minute lecture. We’re I’m doing one online because all the classes were booked by the time Jimmy agreed to consider going to one. I’m not planning a natural birth or a home birth or anything Duggar-style like that #GiveMeTheDrugs so I’ll lean on my yoga days for breathing techniques. That, and at this exact moment, I’m considering hiring a birthing coach for day-of (I’m sure that’s a thing). Probably won’t, but I’ll spend at least two nights googling it just to be sure.

Milestones: passed my glucose screening; got my whooping cough vaccine

Bump Picture:

29 weeks pregnant
I have to start taking these pictures before 5 PM – it gets dark so early! Also, shout out to the two bunches of grapes I’m awkwardly holding to make one big one!

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