28 Weeks

I’m officially in the third trimester! In less than three months, I will have a baby boy. This is so exciting and terrifying at the same time. I’m basically ready, see my check-list, but there are a lot of unknowns with becoming a first-time mom. I’m mainly excited though. I’m also completely torn with wanting him to “keep cooking” for 12 more weeks and be born tomorrow (because I want to meet him so badly!)

Monday I was exhausted (why in the world did I move out of Baby’s room again??) and struggled all day through work. But then, I felt Baby have the hiccups for the first time – it was adorable! I think he’s had them before while I’ve been sleeping because I wake up a lot when I let out a single hiccup (not a burp, this is a clear hiccup). Not sure if him having them could ever make me have them, but I like to think he’s sharing.

Monday afternoon I got a call the SUV we transferred to Dulles Carmax arrived and was ready for us to go check it out. So, Monday night, Jimmy and I headed over to test drive the car. We loved it and ending up buying it! #CarForBaby. It’s a 2014 Chevrolet Traverse that only had 20,000 miles on it and looked brand new. It has all the safety features I wanted: side airbags, backup camera, Bluetooth. It also has a tow hitch, seats 8, and has a full roof rack.

Wednesday afternoon I got an email saying my new iPhone 7+ was delivered! It wasn’t even supposed to ship until 11/30 so I’m very excited! This was my 30th birthday present to myself (although I told Jimmy it was from him so he didn’t have to get me anything when I was getting myself a big gift). I am a little nervous about the big size, but I NEED that camera. I know I’m going to be taking 80000000000000000000 pictures of Baby Racine so I want the best camera possible on my phone. Unfortunately the store that had my phone was “unexpectedly closed due to a down system” so I couldn’t get my phone until Friday.

The rest of the weekend, I cleaned and watched Gilmore Girls. Jimmy hunted and got his first deer of the season on Saturday morning! I was so happy because that meant he could come meet me, Meredith, Ryan, and a couple of their friends at Open Road in Merrifield to watch the Tech/UVA game.

On Sunday, Jimmy and I headed to BabiesRUs to try to pick out a glider. Conclusion: I like all the gliders and all gliders are too expensive. I give up.


How far along? 28 Weeks

How big is baby? 14.8″ & 2.2 lbs; the size of a large eggplant

Maternity clothes? Absolutely.

Sleep: was better so I moved back to Jimmy & my room – that was a terrible idea that resulted in terrible terrible sleep, so I moved back to Baby’s room. I’m not sure if it’s the memory foam topper or not waking up every time Jimmy breathed or moved, but I’m sleeping way better in Mini Moose’s room. I will stay there.

Best moment this week: 1) Thanksgiving, 2) Getting our new car, 3) getting my new iPhone

Movement: I love baby kicks. I also love this kid so so much: he sleeps when I sleep. I’ve only been woken up by kicking a couple of times. Bless you sweet child, mommy needs all the sleep I can get before you are born.

Food Cravings: pumpkin bran muffins

Food Aversions: the tacos I made Tuesday night 🙁

Gender: Baby’s a boy!
it's a boy confetti

Labor Signs: nope. Stay that way for at least 2 months please.

Pregnancy Symptoms: oh my goodness with the back aches; I even started prenatal yoga hoping to help alleviate these pains.

Belly Button in or out? Flat

What I miss: nothing – it was a glorious week

What I am looking forward to: decorating for Christmas

Upcoming appointments/events: 7 month OB & glucose screening 11/30

Weekly Wisdom: being pregnant around the holidays is not good for weight gain

Milestones: we started the 3rd trimester!

Bump Picture:

28 weeks pregnant

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