27 Weeks

Some sources start the third trimester this week. While I won’t officially say I’m in the third trimester until next week, I definitely feel a shift from what was a wonderful second trimester.

This week started rough because I was so tired from not sleeping well most of the weekend. Maybe the sleep had something to do with it, but I’m getting to the feeling huge level of pregnancy. My doctor said I’m perfect for weight gain, but it’s hard looking at the scale and seeing it higher than I ever imagined. Or trying on a shirt that used to be super loose only to need Jimmy to help me get it off. Yep, I’m getting stuck in clothing. I can only dread imagine how big I’ll get before this is over. Keep repeating: pregnancy is beautiful. Pregnancy is beautiful. Pregnancy is beautiful. On top of all that, I turned 30 this week.

Because I was sleeping so terribly, I moved rooms. Sunday night and Monday night I slept in the bed in Baby’s room. Tuesday morning I woke up to Jimmy bringing in breakfast in bed and feeling like a new person. It was glorious!

Friday night, my family went out to dinner at Ray’s the Steaks to celebrate Kurt’s birthday. I’m so thankful my parents had Kurt – he is the best brother and best friend I could ever ask for. Since the day my parents brought him home, I thought he was a gift for me ūüôā

As a 30th birthday gift, Kurt & Jimmy insulated the attic on Saturday. This is something we needed to do. We have an older house, so the level of insulation we have in the attic isn’t up to today’s standards. Which, was fine when it was just Jimmy and me, but we’re going to be bringing home a newborn in the dead of winter. That doesn’t work for me.¬†So, Kurt & Jimmy went to Home Depot, bought the 12 bags of insulation needed to get the free insulation blower rental¬†(not foam, regular insulation) and went to work.

attic insulation materials from The Home Depot
insulation blower from The Home Depot
Two engineers figuring out the blower
attic insulation work crew
DIY attic insulation work crew

To be super safe, insulation installation meant I was kicked out of the house. My friends Jayme & Keli were super sweet and took me out for pedicures and then to brunch for a birthday celebration at Circa. It was so nice out, we decided to wander around Clarendon until game time (complete with a pit stop at Pottery Barn to lounge on their couches). Then we went to Clarendon Grill to meet up with parents & friends to watch the Virginia Tech/Notre Dame game.

Sunday was very low-key and relaxing with Kai, Jimmy, and Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Then we went to Founding Farmers in Tysons for dinner with my family and Jimmy’s family. It was a great day!


How far along? 27 Weeks

How big is baby? 14.4″ & 1.9 lb – the size of a head of cauliflower or an acorn squash. I know he’s bigger than these measurements though. He’s been measuring ahead most of my pregnancy.

Maternity clothes?¬†Yes, definitely. I don’t think I could squeeze into any “normal” clothes if my life depended on it. I feel like a whale. Not Shamu level yet, maybe¬†a Beluga whale.

normal sized child & me

Weight Gain: I stopped tracking this on the blog because it was driving me crazy with fluctuations – 4 lbs difference in one day taken at the same time of day?!?! However, I will pop in and update occasionally just so I can remember. I’m up 20-22 lbs depending on the day. I know a lot of it is water retention/swelling because some mornings my fake bigger sized rings indent my fingers. At my last appointment my doctor said I’m still “on track” for my recommended 30-35 lbs – how, seriously? If I stop gaining weight right now maybe, but umm, the baby is still growing… so, this doesn’t seem possible. Maybe my doctor has the ability to see the future¬†because this week I had little¬†interest in food (don’t worry, I ate regular meals, just didn’t NEED food all the time like the rest of this pregnancy) and specifically no desire to eat ice cream or sweets. So perhaps she is right and I will slow down on the weight gain. Or, perhaps I won’t. I’ve been eating healthy (minus the ice cream) and I’ve been working out 3+ x a week so it is what it is. I can’t wait to kick my butt with workouts this spring/summer. Jimmy’s quote on this: “don’t worry babe, this February you’ll give me baby and I’ll take care of him and you can go to the gym and workout.” [pause] (clearly he hasn’t read any of the books I gave him) [continue] “maybe March. We’ll start in March.”

Sleep: was so bad I moved rooms.

Best moment this week: birthday celebrations

Movement: pretty sure he headbutted me at one point this week. Oh and he must have discovered the tiny space kind of above my hip where the placenta isn’t because I felt his foot or elbow or something move against my skin. It freaked me out! Like take one finger and push down as hard as you can and rub your other hand from your finger to your wrist. That intensity, that length of time, that feeling, but from the inside. Thankful for my placenta padding everywhere else.

Food Cravings: tea, sparkling water with a splash of OJ, chicken noodle soup, reduced sugar dried¬†cranberries –¬†this really got Baby jumping!

Food Aversions: sweets – maybe my steady bowl of ice cream each night caught up to me because I want none of it now. I breath a sigh of relief *FINALLY*! I am not a sweets person. I usually skip all desserts without a second thought. However, it was¬†all I wanted this pregnancy until this week. It was killing me. I couldn’t not have sweets. It made me cry multiple times. But Hallelujah we might be pass that! I also did not want anything to do with apples, bananas, potatoes, cheez-its, or chips.

Gender: Baby’s a boy!
it's a boy confetti

Labor Signs: nope. Stay that way for at least 2 months please.

Pregnancy Symptoms: swollen – FYI it is really hard to workout when your feet are super swollen; battling pregnancy insomnia; being a general emotional mess – multiple nights of uncontrollable sobbing; craziest thing: my bump is¬†significantly¬†bigger at the end of the day vs the morning now. Also, some days it’s much smaller than other days – I think this is based on how Baby is chilling that day.

Belly Button in or out?¬†In but¬†it is¬†wider. It stopped hurting this week. That, or I’m going numb to slight pain.

What I miss: my pre-pregnancy body. This week was a hard one on my self-esteem. I blame the lack of sleep and my birthday.

What I am looking forward to: the summer when I can run & workout and eat healthy and be normal sized again (hopefully)

Upcoming appointments/events: 7 month OB & glucose screening 11/30

Weekly Wisdom: Eat as healthy as you can, be as active as you can, but don’t stress. There is plenty of time for insanity the month baby is born (if you listen to my husband) or about two months after baby is born if you listen to your doctor/other moms/the rest of the world.

Milestones: this is the last week of the 2nd trimester; Baby can open and close his eyes; I turned 30

Bump Picture:

Kai made it in both pictures this week! Note: this was by far the biggest bump day I had this week. I swear I look full term here. Nope, still 10 weeks until full term.

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