24 Weeks

This week started great! I had Monday off (because I worked Saturday). Jimmy worked from home in the morning (he had a marketing event that started at 9 am) so I made us pancakes. It was so nice to be able to eat a weekday breakfast together. Following breakfast, Kai & I were still sleepy so we closed our eyes for just a minute. Two hours later, I woke up… whoops. Guess I needed sleep. After our wonderful nap, came lunch, grocery shopping, a 30 minute walk – Kai was so happy! – some laundry, some Gilmore Girls, making homemade lasagna, and then Jimmy was home for dinner. I, being the super nerd that I am, made a Google Slide presentation that I put on our TV through chromecast to lead a family discussion on maternity leave, work, and daycare. In our ideal world, I’d be able to stay home with Mini Moose, but financially I don’t think that’s realistic at this point. We’re still discussing and running numbers, but right now it’s looking like I will keep working. I’m very thankful I have a job so close to home that offers some flexibility and comp time. This will help with what I’m sure will leave me an emotional wreck handing Baby over to a caregiver. I literally tear up just thinking about it already. ūüôĀ

Tuesday morning I had an OB appointment where I found out everything is just wonderful with Baby. The 2nd try 2nd level ultrasound got all angles of his heart; it looks great! I was informed next appointment I’ll be getting my glucose screening and a whooping cough vaccine. Jimmy, his parents and my parents all need the whooping cough vaccine too.

Saturday was my fall themed baby shower planned/designed by Calvert Designs and hosted by Kate. It was absolutely breathtaking! My mom, Aunt Julie, cousin Natalie, mother-in-law, sister-in-law Katie, sister-in-law Kate, Kate’s mom Charlotte, Caroline,¬†Deb, Laura, Laura, Keli, Jayme, Meredith, and Lauren all came and showered Baby Racine and I with so much love. We even Facetimed in Sarah from CA & Facebook Messenger Video Chatted Aunt Shelia from France. Some photos below but please check out the separate post for more details.

Fall themed baby shower by Calvert Designs

Fall themed baby shower by Calvert Designs

Sunday was not my day for driving. I was headed to brunch with the above ladies at Tupelo Honey Cafe. So delicious! I can’t wait until we go and I can have one of their mimosas too ūüôā¬†– Meredith & Laura came all the way up from Roanoke for this baby shower/birthday celebration weekend [Happy Belated Birthday Laura!!!] so we definitely wanted to get together ¬†as much as possible before they headed back. I however,¬†forgot about the Marine Corps Marathon. Every road I needed to take to get from Falls Church to Court House/ Rosslyn area was closed. My exit off of I-66 was closed. My usual side streets to get there were all closed – with school buses blocking the roads and lots of police! I ended up by my old church and calling my Dad to help direct me to a main road I could use to navigate over. Google Maps failed me big time and kept trying to take me on all the closed roads. Thank the Lord for fathers!

Sunday afternoon I met up with some co-workers at Tyson’s Biergarten – never been before, but great outdoor area with lots of games and beers – we had a lot of fun! However, getting there was very challenging. I spent about 15 minutes driving around the place. I could see basically where I wanted to go, but could NOT get there. Wouldn’t you know it: another closed road. Eventually I found a parking garage close enough by and finished the adventure by foot. I figured I’d be more successful that way. Sunday night we ended with watching Seinfield and eating some Chinese food – yum.


How far along? 24 Weeks

How big is baby? The size of a large cucumber, a zucchini or an ear of corn (this is still smaller than that darn papaya): 11.8 inches and 1.3 lbs (according to the app)

Maternity clothes?¬†Even my coats & vests don’t fit anymore

Sleep:¬†didn’t get enough over the weekend, but made up for it with a two hour nap on Monday, whoops. Tuesday morning I was awake at 5 am thinking about maternity leave, work & daycare. The rest of the week was good for sleeping. Like last weekend, I didn’t get enough sleep this weekend.

Best moment this week: baby shower

Movement:¬†I can feel him now. All the time. I think this kid is going to take after his uncle Kurt because he never. stops. moving. Literally doing flips and kicks and who knows what else all day and all night. It’s adorable and annoying at the same time. In about a month he’ll be getting too big to do full flips so I’ll embrace the “going down a roller coaster stomach drop” feeling I get when he practices gymnastics. Jimmy was even able to feel him “fluttering” as he called it – umm no, that is him flipping. Fluttering was the adorable teeny movements about 10 weeks ago. These are¬†full on Olympic events. I can’t wait for Jimmy to feel a really powerful kick.

Food cravings: Chinese food

Food Aversions: nothing really

Gender: Baby’s a boy!

Labor Signs: this question is irrelevant until later

Pregnancy Symptoms:¬†my feet definitely swell if I’m walking or standing a lot. My blood pressure looks great so my doctor isn’t worried about Preeclampsia.

Belly Button in or out?¬†In but¬†it is bigger…

What I miss: Mimosas. Not really missing a glass of wine anymore or a beer, but I would love a mimosa. Mock-mosas are delicious and all, but Champagne is my family beverage.

What I am looking forward to: wearing my fun maternity Halloween shirt next week

Upcoming appointments/events: 7 month OB & glucose screening 11/30

Weekly Wisdom: If you’re having a hard time feeling the baby kicking, lie down flat on your back and be very still. Mine started as little “pops” but are now stronger.

Milestones: Feeling all the kicks and movement.

Bump Picture:

Corn is out of season so this is what we get for this week. 60% there!

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