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Swap.com baby boy clothes
Paid $66 for all these clothes

I recently discovered Swap.com [link takes you to sign up for the site, it is free]. It is amazing for baby clothes! Seriously, there is so much on this site. Basically, it is an online thrift store. You can filter by size, boy/girl, season, and clothing category. I’ve been stocking up on a variety of sizes for Mini Moose so I can have something for each time he grows. I’ve been paying < $5 for almost everything I’ve gotten. That is in this mama’s budget! Some people don’t like to buy used, I say, why not? Babies grow so quickly, so there’s hardly any time to wear out the clothes. I wash everything I get in a dye free perfume free detergent regardless of buying new or used, so it’s all the same to me.

In the photo above, I got four pairs of footie pajamas, three bodysuits, two pair of baby leggings, four button-ups, two polos, one pair of khakis, one pair of baby jeans (aww), a camo vest, and a velcro bowtie. This order cost me $66 with free shipping. It arrived in less than a week. I don’t know if I’ll buy hardly anything new for Baby. The site also has maternity clothes (yep, bought some of mine there), and regular clothes for men, women, and children.

I have found their filtering could be improved – I don’t often wear a bathing suit in the winter or think a pink princess PJ is the best for a baby boy. However, filtering by category: coat, jeans, sweater, etc, usually gives good results.

Overall: I will definitely be buying from this site a ton as I shop for Baby.

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