22 Weeks

This week we returned to my usual 2nd trimester bliss ūüôā I knew last week had to be an off week. Besides Jimmy being gone (NYC for a work conference) from Wednesday – Saturday and a temporary out-of-nowhere sore throat Tuesday, I had a great week! Productive at work. Worked out regularly. Finally cleaned up my closet and put away the last of my non-maternity friendly¬†clothes. Organized Baby’s clothes (that I have thus far). Decorated the nursery a bit. Set up the changing table. Hosted my friend Meredith Thursday night who was up in NOVA training teachers and other impressive education things (clearly I need a refresher on all her job entails). It was so great to see her; I’m still upset over her move to Roanoke that happened probably 2 years ago #I’mAScorpio #GrudgeHolder #ButSeriouslyWeMissYou. I even walked to work Friday (1.5 miles each way #healthy). Overall, solid week!

Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad assembly
When you’re solo assembling, you have to get creative
Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad
Changing table set up (still sorting out the basket organization)

Changing table:¬†Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad, White¬†– seems solid and was easy to assemble. The included pad is very thin; I am using a contoured pad (not the one that came with the table) – thank you Susan! Note: I will do a nursery tour when it’s done and list all furniture/products. And yes, I realize most moms-to-be do not have the nursery basically done at 5.5 months pregnant, but I’ve always been an overachiever. And my Mom went on bed rest at 7 months with my brother so I’m preparing for the worst and expecting the best.¬†

This weekend was spent with great friends. Friday night, I went to see Girl on the Train with Keli & Jayme. We all loved the book so obviously we had to see the movie. AMC has a kids snack pack that has popcorn, a drink, and fruit snack BUT you can upgrade the fruit snack to a different candy, that was a game changer.

Saturday, I had two of my oldest (time not age) friends over: Sherry and Sassi (or Sarah if you call her by her given name; I do not). It was so great to reconnect with them, show them my house (which used to be one of our other best friends’ house), and hear all about baby boys from these amazing mommies! I can’t believe in a few months, we’ll all have sons. I literally met these girls when we were 8 years old.


Saturday afternoon, you guessed it, Jimmy and I watched our Hokies play Syracruse. That was sad times. We played terribly and deserved that loss ūüôĀ

Jimmy got back from NY Saturday evening. Kai and I were so excited to have him home. Especially when Jimmy suggested we go to the dog park. We went to the Glencarlyn Dog Park, which is right next to Kurt & Kate’s house so they brought Fitz over to play with Kai. This dog park feels very natural because there are no fences; it has natural boundaries – a stream and a huge hill.


Sunday evening, we met up with my family at Ledo’s pizza in College Park, MD for my cousin’s birthday. It was great to see everyone (who was nearby and not in France or OH – but we did Skype my aunt who is in France, technology is amazing!); I hadn’t seen my extended family since I told them I was pregnant at 12 weeks. Needless to say, I’ve grown. Also, the 12 week clearly sick look is funny now – was¬†not¬†funny then.
12 weeks vs 22 weeks

My Aunt Julie made the most amazing apple cake with cream cheese frosting – aka what I’d been craving all.week.long! It was delicious and I ate every single bite of that massive piece below.



How far along? 22 Weeks

How big is baby? The size of a papaya: 11 inches and 1 pound

Maternity clothes?¬†There’s no going back to normal clothes. Ideally, “normal” jeans will just disappear from all fashion forever because maternity is where it’s at!

Sleep: woke up at 4 am Wednesday morning STARVING. I had to go downstairs and eat a lot of applesauce. Unfortunately this woke up Jimmy and Kai. I also get up to pee about 5 times a night

Best moment this week:¬†1) seeing Sherry & Sassi, 2)¬†seeing family 3) Kai’s joy at the dog park

Movement:¬†due to the anterior placenta, I only feel what I call “super kicks” – I’m feeling them occasionally. I’m actually thankful for this because Mini Moose has only kept me up once thus far; I’ll take as much sleep as I can until he arrives, thank you very much. I actually felt more movement in the early teen weeks because the placenta was still growing so there wasn’t as much padding to muffle his movement. According to every ultrasound, he’s very active, I just can’t feel it. Soon enough, he’ll be so big and strong, he’ll power through that padding.

Food cravings: all the apple things: applesauce, apple muffins, apple bread, apple cider, especially apple cupcakes

Food Aversions: nothing really

Gender: Baby’s a boy!

Labor Signs: this question is irrelevant until later

Pregnancy Symptoms: acne is finally better; sore throat Tuesday;

Belly Button in or out? In but it has resumed the exit campaign.

What I miss: Nothing

What I am looking forward to: baby shower in a couple weeks

Upcoming appointments/events: 6 month prenatal 10/25

Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy other people’s excitement over your pregnancy.

Milestones: Baby’s inner ear is developing so hearing and balance are being fine-tuned

Bump Picture:

22 weeks pregnant baby papaya seems big

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