19 Weeks

This week was so exciting!

We started off Monday morning with a two hour ultrasound. I was so excited about this, I probably slept four hours Sunday night. It didn’t help that I was specifically instructed to have a full bladder for the appointment so I decided I wouldn’t pee after 5 am to make sure I did everything above and beyond. Needless to say, I thought I might die or explode on the table in radiology. However, I viewed it as one of my first sacrifices for baby.

Speaking of Baby, he (that’s right, we’re having a boy!) was very cooperative the whole ultrasound appointment. The technician got a ton of measurements and easily identified baby’s sex. I however, was left a little disappointed  the best ultrasound picture I have of my little guy is his arm. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll more than make up for it with a million pictures when he makes his debut.

Baby Blurry Blob Boy

I was also disappointed I could barely see anything during the ultrasound. I know the purpose is to get measurements and make sure everything is developing properly and I clearly don’t know what I am looking at, but it would’ve been nice to watch more. The way the room is set-up, the technician can see the screen clearly (obviously) and Jimmy could see the screen pretty well. I, however, could see it at a very absurd angle. This meant I saw images that looked more like a cartoon venus fly trap than a baby. I have no idea why but the angle I was at, made the heart flickering look like a that plant opening and closing its “mouth.” At the end, our technician did rotate the screen and talk us through what we were seeing. That part was fantastic!

Tuesday evening my parents brought dinner over from Peking Pavilion <- my favorite Chinese restaurant. It was great to see them and celebrate Baby Boy Racine. Also, I employed my dad to take a look at a dresser I plan on using as a changing table and a dresser we accidentally broke. Dads are the best at fixing things!

Thursday was our fourth wedding anniversary <3. We kept up tradition and went to Rays the Steaks for a delicious dinner. Then home for cupcakes from our wedding cake bakery, a bubbly toast, and gifts.


Same cupcakes, different bubbles. (Sparkling Cider) and beautiful flowers 🙂
 Friday, we headed to Blacksburg for Homecoming weekend! This is the second year we’ve done this Bburg trip with some of my best friends. We rented the same house on airbnb – I highly recommend Aaron’s house.

Of course, we go to the game. Meredith’s parents host a fantastic tailgate! It was so great to be back at Tech and go see our Hokies play in-person and that game was AMAZING! Also, we completely lucked out with our seats – West Stands Section 20 row QQQ – we were in the shade the entire game. It was super hot out so that shade made a world of difference! Unfortunately we all failed on taking pictures, but a have a couple of the stadium and one of the VT white chocolates I made.

Virginia Tech logo white chocolates
VT white chocolates – yum!
Virginia Tech ECU orange effect
Orange effect on point

Virginia Tech this is home homecoming

Jimmy and I used the drive productively and nicknamed Baby “Mini Moose.” Jimmy has had the nickname Majestic Moose for probably five years in my family. [Kurt, Jimmy, and I went ice skating one year. Jimmy is a tough man’s man who enjoys contact sports. However, when he got on the ice, he was doing spins and skating on one leg so gracefully. Kurt said “whoa Jimmy! You’re like a Majestic Moose!” and the name stuck] So naturally mini Jimmy’s nickname should be Mini Moose. My Mom and I independently each bought Mini Moose a fleece hooded footie with a moose on it. Then this weekend, my incredible friends got Mini Moose some gifts including a pair of socks with little moose on them. Too perfect! Other gifts: little baby shoes, baby jeans, a button-up onesie, a navy blue vest, a Baby Hokie lovie, and a maroon plaid romper (is that the right word??) for Mini Moose to wear next football season. This boy is spoiled!


How far along? 19 Weeks

How big is baby? The size of an heirloom tomato: 6 in & 8.5 oz

Maternity clothes? Pretty much yes to all. I still wear some normal dresses and shirts.

Sleep: overall, good this week minus Friday night being in our rental house – I never sleep well the first night in a new place

Best moment this week: finding out we’re having a boy

Movement: occasional flutters and little jabs. It was great to see Baby moving on the ultrasound – although I’ve felt him move and I know he is moving, I had this irrational fear Baby couldn’t move and was paralyzed. He was too small to move around at our first ultrasound. At the second (genetic screening) ultrasound, he was sleeping, but seeing him still, instilled this crazy fear in me. However, I got to see him dancing around on Monday. Jimmy got a good view of the screen to see him moving around most of the appointment.

Food cravings: flavored seltzer (previously I hadn’t been interested in seltzer, I just wanted plain water), applesauce, apples

Food Aversions: none

Gender: Baby’s a boy!

Labor Signs: this question is irrelevant until later

Pregnancy Symptoms: still acne <- umm isn’t a boy supposed to make your skin beautiful??? I feel jipped; old wives lie! I finally figured out the name for the sharp pain I have every so often: sciatica. Luckily it only happens occasionally and doesn’t last long. Pain in the butt, literally.

Belly Button in or out? In and it seems to have paused in it’s exit campaign, hurrah!

What I miss: nothing this week

What I am looking forward to: Someone I didn’t already tell asking if I’m pregnant. Right now, I stopped telling people (most people in my already know and I’m way too awkward mentioning it in conversations) so people must think I’ve gotten fat. And decorating the nursery now that we know we’re using blue 🙂

Upcoming appointments/events: 5 month OB appointment 9/27

Weekly Wisdom: Buy Buy Baby is an amazing website and a lot of things are cheaper than Amazon.

MilestonesBaby is a boy!

Bump Picture:



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