17 Weeks Pregnant

Monday was labor day. I thoroughly enjoyed the long weekend. Summary: We went to the cottage, watched college football, went to Joe’s for lunch, moved around furniture to prepare for the nursery.

Thursday Jimmy headed to my parents’ to stay the night so he could get up early on Friday to go hunting and then head to the Eastern Shore for more hunting Friday afternoon-Saturday. After hunting, he raced back home so we could watch the Battle at Bristol. Of course I was disappointed by the loss, I mean, we basically handed Tennessee the win with two fumbles inside the 20. I’m choosing to remember the 1st quarter and how excited I was with the drive and fire we had starting off.

Saturday morning I went for my first pregnancy run. It felt pretty good. I was up early (before 7 am) and it wasn’t too hot yet, so I decided to grab my shoes and give it a go. I definitely listened to my body and didn’t even try to push myself. I “ran” one mile in 11:31 and then walked three miles. I am still sore today (Monday). I’m thinking I’ll keep the slow pace so I don’t pump up the heart rate too much but increase the miles as I feel better and stronger.

Sunday I went to a wonderful brunch with some co-workers hosted by an amazing former co-worker – we miss you Laura! Sunday evening, we had a cookout with Jimmy’s parents & Katie to celebrate his mom’s birthday. It’s always great to see family.

17 Weeks Pregnant Questionnaire:

How far along? 17 Weeks

How big is baby? The size of an onion, pear, or pomegranate (depending on the source). I originally went with a pomegranate, but it was super small, so I got a pear on a later grocery trip. [I was surely not posing with an onion.]

Maternity clothes? Pretty much yes to all. I still wear some normal dresses and shirts.

Sleep: I wake up exhausted every morning. I’m also back to my wishing I could nap every afternoon

Best moment this week: setting up most of the nursery furniture

Movement: I feel flutters when I talk to baby

Food cravings: soups, salads, ice cream, Peiking Pavilion chicken lo mein

Food Aversions: haven’t really wanted to eat much meat

Gender: I’m still thinking girl so we’ll probably find out baby’s a boy

Labor Signs: this question is irrelevant until later

Pregnancy Symptoms: tired! hungry!

Belly Button in or out? In but it’s coming out more and more

What I miss: a cold beer with my college football – however I smelled one of Jimmy’s and it seemed DISGUSTING so I really don’t have any desire to drink, I just miss the experience of tailgating maybe?

What I am looking forward to: finding out gender

Upcoming appointments/events: nothing until the ultrasound 9/19

Weekly Wisdom: won’t get to use this one for a while but I read it on a blog and want to make sure I remember it: when you make the bed for a crib, layer one waterproof mattress protector, one sheet, one waterproof mattress protector, one sheet. That way when baby has a blowout/leak/spit up in the middle of the night, you just strip the top combo (sheet & protector) and there’s another ready to go underneath. No fumbling around at 3 am to find a new sheet and realizing all the mattress protectors are in the laundry.

Milestones: baby’s cartilage is turning to bone

Bump Picture:

17 weeks pregnant
Kai is over this bump pic. Yep, I’m wearing white after Labor Day, I’m a rebel 🙂

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer Felicity Dress in Resort White Shellabrate [I got it via Lilly’s summer sale]

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