Labor Day Weekend

Saturday we headed to the cottage as soon as Jimmy got back from lacrosse. Tech was playing our first game at 12:30 and I was NOT missing kickoff. I was also needing to go to Wawa before the game so I could get the Pumpkin Spice latte & (heated up) turkey sub I’ve been dreaming about. So leaving on-time was crucial.

Having college football back makes me so happy 🙂

The weather was crazy in Southern Maryland – so windy! Thanks to Hurricane Hermine (I prounounce this Hermione after the Harry Potter character #wontstop). So we had a pretty low key time watching college football, snacking on some bagel bites, napping, relaxing.

Solomon's Island Maryland
Bridge view of Solomon’s Island, MD

We did adventure down to the pier during halftime. Jimmy noticed our bench had blown off the pier and was floating down the cove. So, my dad and Jimmy raced over to the cottage proper to grab a row boat and go rescue the bench.

row boat bench rescue
row boat bench rescue

Sunday my Dad steamed up some crabs for us to take home. Then we headed back to VA around 4.

Maryland blue crabs
Maryland crabs! And that Disneyland shirt Jimmy loves so much

Monday was so nice to have a day off! Jimmy got up to go to basketball. I planned on sleeping in, but I got up around 7, mainly because I was starving. I took the morning to relax by making a k-cup cappuccino, honey whole wheat flax-seed pancakes, and watching some TV with Kai. Then I finally put away all my normal work clothes and replaced my closet with all my maternity clothes I have thus far. <– It’s already making getting dressed so much easier. I still have to go through my drawers to pack up most of my t-shirts, leggings, pants, and shorts.

Jimmy got home around 11 and asked if I wanted to go to Joe’s for their buffet lunch. Umm, YES!!!! Joe’s buffet is one of my favorites. It was delicious.

When we got home, we decided to move furniture. We moved our office to our downstairs guest room (from baby’s room) my huge white dresser up to baby’s room, and finally rearranged the layout in baby’s room. I really wanted to do all the furniture moving during this month so I wouldn’t be big and unable to help. I feel so much more settled and calm now that we have this project done. Now I can decorate 🙂

Sunday evening, Jimmy made us chicken pot pie for dinner and we watched more college football. Overall, this was a great weekend!

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