16 Weeks

Well the sad day I knew would happen is here: my wedding rings don’t fit. I knew my hands were getting puffy as my rings started feeling tighter and tighter. Now I just don’t want to risk them never coming off again and cutting off my circulation (or whatever terrible thing could happen). My mom had a beautiful spare diamond band that looks just like my wedding band so I’ll be rocking that solo. Unless this is a combo of puff & humidity so the fall/winter brings a miracle and I can wear my rings again.

On happier news: we announced on social media this weekend! I had planned a super cute valentines card announcement with a sonogram photo but this kid won’t give me a good picture, so plan B = my love for Hokie football. I designed a onesie on CustomInk and pulled my “Future Hokie” maternity shirt out of the drawer I’ve been keeping it in since, probably this time last year, for some photos at the cottage.


Hoping the social media posts help word travel because I can’t figure out how to tell people in-person without sounding like I’m on “16 and Pregnant.” Seriously, my conversations go like this:

co-worker: “I think I’ll get the hash-browns and eggs”
other person “that sounds good, I’m so hungry”
me: “I’m super hungry too… because I’m pregnant.”

Or another actual example:

coworker: “have you tried the wine bar at Harris Teeter yet?”
me [trying to be normal]: “oh no not yet. Do they have some good wines there?”
coworker: “You need to go try it tonight!”
me: “I’m not drinking for a while.”
me: “I’m pregnant”

I can’t work anything in naturally and I’m definitely starting to show, so this will make for some laughs in the weeks to come.


How far along? 16 Weeks

How big is baby? The size of an avocado

Maternity clothes? Yes for shorts & pants, no for shirts or dresses

Sleep: pretty terrible this week

Best moment this week: So many: 1)When I told Jimmy baby can hear now, he repeatedly said “hello,” 2) announcing on social media, 3) starting nursery set-up

Movement: When driving I feel some. Baby must have my car anxiety.

Food cravings: ice cream, cookies – baby’s got a sweet tooth whereas I would prefer fruit or salty things

Food Aversions: sweet potatoes

Gender: I am really thinking girl this week

Labor Signs: this question is irrelevant until later

Pregnancy Symptoms: headaches, acne,

Belly Button in or out? In but it’s coming out

What I miss: not needing 7 snacks & 3 meals to make it through a day – life was easier when it was simply 3 meals & 1-2 snacks

What I am looking forward to: finding out gender

Upcoming appointments/events: nothing until the ultrasound 9/19

Weekly Wisdom: if you’re buying a new rug for the nursery, buy it super early because it’ll need to be aired out like none other. Thank your pregnancy super sense of smell for that because your husband likely won’t smell a thing.

Milestones: Baby can hear.

Bump Picture:


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