14 Weeks

2nd trimester!!!!!

So far, I love this part. I’m getting energy back, it’s been four days since I’ve thrown up, my acne is stabilizing (it still looks terrible but I think improving). I’m more emotional but I’m totally fine with that. I also felt up to starting to work out again. My muscles missed moving! Although I should probably say “muscles.” I did 10 body weight squats and totally felt it the next day. I was squatting 70 lbs easily pre-pregnancy – I was doing a modified 5×5; I didn’t even get to my first max weight. Then I was so sick and tired for the past three months I did absolutely nothing. Seriously, I would go for a walk and get massive headaches and feel crampy. So, my body was telling me, don’t exercise this first trimester. I listened. At this point, I’m still taking it super slow – later in the week I got bad headaches & lots of cramps, so I listened for days I needed to rest vs days I could do something active.

On the acne note, I found a new product that’s helping with current blemishes and the red marks left from past zits: Teddie Rosehip Seed Oil. I have tried another rosehip seed oil in the past and it made me breakout, but this one is helping. Don’t be fooled by the name, it does not smell anything like roses. In fact it smells pretty terrible so hold your breath until the moisturizer is on.

Lesson Learned: Skincare routine working for me:

Step 1) Double washing with these cleansers: Cetaphil Dermacontrol Foam Wash followed by Plus 1 Skincare® Maternity Citrus Splash Cleanser

Step 2) Plus 1 Skincare® Botanical Blast Acne Spot Treatment all over my face

Step 3) BeeFriendly Natural Blemish Free Collection Acne Spot Treatment on current zits

Step 4) Two drops of Teddie Rosehip Seed Oil all over face

Step 5) Simple Replenishing Rich Facial Moisturizer


How far along? 14 Weeks

How big is baby? The size of a lemon

Total weight gain/loss: same as last week

Maternity clothes? At the beginning of the week, no. Then this weekend I went to Old Navy and scored two pairs of maternity shorts, 2 maternity tanks, and 2 regular shirts for $40 so I rocked those shorts all weekend! One pair is definitely too big still, but the other pair is magic right now.

Sleep: Terrible. Between Jimmy being gone, bad storms, power outages, events, and pregnancy aches & pains, I have not slept well.

Best moment this week: Figuring out a knife can serve ice cream a lot better than a spoon. It was a slow week. Weekend update: going to Buy Buy Baby and trying to figure out how strollers work with Jimmy hahahha [“but where does baby go???”]

Movement: Not yet.

Food cravings: Chocolate ice cream, oatmeal, plain water – I am thirsty ALL THE TIME

Food Aversions: peanut butter, pork, turkey burger, sweet potato fries


Labor Signs: this question is irrelevant until later

Pregnancy Symptoms: acne (calming a bit), some pains & cramping – totally normal if there is no bleeding, some bodies stretch more gracefully than others. It appears my other symptoms have changed from AM to PM. I am no longer a morning sickness or tired all day person (for the most part); I am a late afternoon vomit-er and 5 pm eyes need to be closed. Oh and headaches just for fun.

Belly Button in or out? In. But I have been obsessively poking it this whole time and noticed it is more out than it used to be. I have no idea why this makes me so upset. I just envision the popup timer on a turkey when I see a pregnant belly button out, but I suppose I need to get used to my future.

What I miss: Caramel macchiato from Starbucks and long brunches with mimosas. However, I really don’t miss drinking at all this week. So maybe a brunch with orange juice in a nice glass would be perfect, but a short brunch because I get sleepy on weekends. I power through the week and nap all weekend.

What I am looking forward to: nothing coming up in the next week or so. Again, it’s a slow week

Upcoming appointments/events: some prenatal something 8/31

Weekly Wisdom: See skincare routine above.

Milestones: Baby can now make facial expressions. I’m totally picturing baby doing this face on the regular:

Bump Picture:

Fun fact: I threw up right before these pictures. But there’s a bit of a baby bump there!

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