11 Weeks

This week, Jimmy and I both had blood work on Monday for our genetic counseling. Jimmy’s family has a history of Trisomy 18 so my doctor recommended we see a genetic counselor. I had never heard of Trisomy 18 before our trip to MA so it’s been a learning experience for me. Thank goodness my sister-in-law Katie did a lot of research on it in school and was able to give me a lot of information right when I found out because I was pretty much panicked. I feel even better after my call with the genetic counselor – I totally failed on merging calls so Jimmy could join. However, just to be safe, she ordered blood work for Jimmy (there is a very very slight chance he could be a genetic carrier). I already had blood work scheduled (pregnancy = blood tests) and we have a genetic ultrasound on August 3.

This week has also been SO HOT AGAIN! While the week was somewhat productive, more cleaning and organizing. The weekend was terrible. I was sick all weekend. I threw up everything I ate or drank all of Saturday and some of Sunday – I actually threw up straight water. Oh the joys of pregnancy. Besides 2 loads of laundry, straightening up our room, 1/2 cleaning a bathroom, going to Harris Teeter, and the massive amounts of Gilmore Girls I watched on Netflix, I did nothing.


How far along? 11 Weeks

How big is baby? The size of a lime – holy growth spurt!

Total weight gain/loss: really fluctuates but at the lowest I’m down another lb so I’m -3. Jimmy’s been joking with me that people get pregnant to lose weight. Speaking of losing, I swear I am eating all the time and eating whatever sounds good/I can keep down, which is all. the carbs! I have been throwing up about once a day, but I promise I am trying my best to eat healthy – not for two but enough, and all the healthy foods I can muster.

Maternity clothes? Towards the end of the day I look like I have a bump – definitely bloat, but that means clothes are getting tight. Since it’s been so hot, I’ve been wearing every loose dress I own on rotation. I’m planning on only buying fall/winter maternity clothes because that’s when I’ll actually be big. These dresses better last me another month or so.

Sleep: Still tired a lot but gaining more energy. Also sleeping pretty great thanks to Snoogle.

Best moment this week:

Movement: none, but this week I keep picture baby doing flips in there.

Food cravings: Olive Garden Fettuccine Alfredo – we’ll see if I give in because it’s 100000000000 calories

Food Aversions: raw meat. I had to tearfully tell Jimmy I couldn’t make dinner Monday night after smelling the sealed chicken package. It sent me running to the bathroom immediately where I got sick for a solid 15 minutes. Luckily Jimmy had just enough time when he got home from work to cook dinner for us before he had to leave for basketball.

Gender: I’m thinking girl. Still just guessing to be honest.

Labor Signs: N/A

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Still vomiting and nausea. I also got lightheaded a couple times so I’ve upped my water intake, that’s helped. Oh and acne. Lots of acne 🙁

Belly Button in or out? In. Please stay in forever.

What I miss: deli sandwiches. Aka I want to go to Jimmy John’s SO BAD

What I am looking forward to: 1) Harris Teeter opening 7/27 – big deal for Falls Church, 2) our genetic ultrasound 8/3 <– this will give me such peace of mind. Also seeing baby is AMAZING

Upcoming appointments/events:  Genetic ultrasound 8/3 – this will be done in the Perinatology (high risk OB) department in the new Tysons Kaiser center, rumor has it they have really nice ultrasound machines 🙂

Weekly Wisdom: Drink water!

Milestones: none

Bump Picture:


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