10 Weeks

This week was SO HOT! I spent basically all my time inside in the AC. However, I used my time productively and cleaned out all of my craft things in what will be baby’s room. I also cleaned out a lot of the office (the other half of what will be baby’s room). Is it too early for nesting?


How far along? 10 Weeks

How big is baby? The size of a kumquat (what is a kumquat???) or a prune

Maternity clothes? Bought some jeans and a couple shirts during an Old Navy sale. Let me tell you, maternity jeans are THE BEST. I thought I liked jeggings and leggings. These are SO MUCH BETTER! Motion for all women to wear paneled jeans forever and ever and that be the cool thing. Do I have a second?

Sleep: Sleeping great this week. Probably because I bought a Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow.


I was going to wait to buy one until I actually had a decent bump going but I was finding I woke up every morning with my back hurting like crazy and a sore neck. I tried to use more pillows to support myself but it wasn’t working. So, I bought the Snoogle. Best decision ever. I fall asleep in an instant (new territory for me) and sleep through the night – minus the 1-3 times I get up to pee, but that is down from 5-6 times so I’m even waking up less! Tip: get a better cover for it (or buy this version) the cover that comes with the pillow is very rough.

Best moment this week: waking up the first night after actually sleeping. Also had a great dinner at one of my favorite places – Joe’s, for the buffet with my Mom Tuesday night. Jimmy and my dad went and got burgers at Cowboy Cafe.

Movement: N/A

Food cravings: honey nut cheerios

Food Aversions: still eggs. Sometimes I can tolerate but sometimes I take a bite and know not to take another. Also still vegetables. I can force some peas or a few green beans (literally force and randomly I’ll take a bite and know it has to be the last) but other than that I have to hide my vegetables in a casserole or something like a toddler.

Gender: I wish I had some gut feeling about this…

Labor Signs: N/A

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Still vomiting and nausea – I actually threw up an apple, didn’t think that was possible. I’m sleeping better so less tired than last week, however I do still “run out of steam” around 2 pm every day.

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: the majority of my wardrobe. We haven’t told most people yet so I’m having to hide the tiny bump/bloat and that’s getting more difficult this week.

What I am looking forward to: being in the A/C this weekend. It’s going to be super hot!

Upcoming appointments/events:  Genetic blood work 9/25 for me and Jimmy

Weekly Wisdom: Buy a snoogle!

Milestones: baby officially looks like a baby and not an aquatic creature

Bump Picture: It was legit 100 degrees out when I took this picture. Also, my prune was too small.


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