8 Weeks

This week we had our first prenatal appointment! Unfortunately we couldn’t meet with my regular OB/GYN so we met with a new doctor. I liked her, so to keep things simple, we’ll probably just stick with this doctor. I predicted Jimmy would spend most of the appointment trying to figure out how the ultrasound machine worked and I was correct. He was fascinated. He’s such an engineer.

Jimmy also got to experience his first try at coaching me. I had 12, yes 12, vials of blood taken. I am not a fan of hospitals and doctors. I am terrible with needles and blood. I actually passed out from a finger prick mono test once. So, having 12 vials of blood taken was not easy for me. Naturally, I asked Jimmy to distract me. He froze. I was able to give him a topic – a beach wedding ring like our friend Mike has (first thing that popped in my head) and Jimmy rose to the occasion talking and distracting. That is until he got transfixed by the amount of blood they were actually taking and started saying things like “leave some for her,” “that really is a lot of blood,” “is each one for a separate test?” “I can’t believe they need so much.” Of course that cued my “THAT IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO!!!!” very calm response to his intrigue hahaha. However, I survived. From what I hear, this is just the beginning. Oh joy!


How far along? 8 Weeks

How big is baby? The size of a raspberry

Total weight gain/loss: holding even

Maternity clothes? N/A

Sleep: Tired all the time but finding it hard to actually sleep.

Best moment this week: seeing baby’s heart beating!!!! We had our first prenatal appointment this week. We got to see our baby’s heart beating and that was amazing! I didn’t even realize I was crying, but I was. It was like a tiny bean flickering on and off. Magical.


Movement: N/A

Food cravings: all the carbs

Food Aversions: basically everything but carbs, especially no vegetables

Gender: no clue

Labor Signs: N/A

Pregnancy Symptoms:  I thought last week was a rough week, then came the 4th of July. Oh my goodness. I was vomiting all day long. I had to miss my sister-in-law’s birthday dinner I was so sick 🙁

Lesson Learned: Cover your eyes with your hands when you vomit, for a variety of reasons; just trust me.

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Being able to eat vegetables

What I am looking forward to: our next ultrasound

Upcoming appointments/events:  Genetic counseling phone call 7/18

Weekly Wisdom: Write everything down

Milestones: Seeing our baby!

Bump Picture:


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