6 Weeks

Telling Jimmy’s Family:

This weekend we went to Massachusetts with Jimmy’s parents and sister Katie. Perfect time to tell his family in-person. I bought a Disney baby book – the crinkly read to an infant kind, that I wrapped up. I also got a blank card to write “Please read to me February 2017.” I knew we¬†wouldn’t survive all day without telling them, so we planned on telling his parents at lunch. We went to a local Italian place – delicious. When we were all seated, I told his parents we “got them a little something.” His mom opened the gift bag, saw the Disney baby book, and immediately gasped and said “you’re pregnant!” Everyone was really excited. I tried to film, but did a terrible job because I didn’t want them to know I was filming. So basically enjoy the audio and the table/bread basket.

Katie didn’t get in until that night, so we had to wait to tell her. Once she did get in, I tasked Jimmy with telling his sister:

Jimmy: “Katie, we have a new nick name for you: Aunt Katie”

Katie: “Why? Is someone having a baby? Is Jeremy [their cousin] having a baby?!?!?”

Ingrid: “No. And that wouldn’t make you an aunt”

Katie: “Wait… are you having a baby?”

Ingrid: “Yep:

Katie starts screaming and jumping up and down. It was priceless ūüôā

Then we told Jimmy’s extended family including his grandma at our family dinner. After grandma said some sweet words, Jimmy took the opportunity to say: “Everyone here is moving up a notch. Aunts and uncles to great aunts and great uncles, grandma to great grandma, Ingrid and I are expecting.” Everyone was overjoyed. It was a great night. Grandma said she knew – she sensed it. And she thanked us for making her a great grandmother.


How far along? 6 Weeks

How big is baby? The size of a chocolate chip

Total weight gain/loss: -1 lb (-4 lbs total)

Maternity clothes? N/A

Sleep: Still exhausted most all of the time.

Best moment this week:¬†Telling¬†Jimmy’s family

Movement: N/A

Food cravings: comfort food – this plus my hatred of vegetables this week is not looking good for keeping weight gain in check ūüôĀ

Food Aversions: vegetables – this makes me really sad because I used to eat SO many vegetables

Gender: I have zero guesses

Labor Signs: N/A

Pregnancy Symptoms:¬† I am tired and have waves of nausea – even my first time vomiting – thinking this will continue to get worse. However, I am hungry all the time. Oh and I have acne ūüôĀ

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Being able to plan meals in advance. I never know what will sound good until an hour or so before the meal. Also, my bed, at every moment of every day – I’m seriously tired!

What I am looking forward to: 2 more weeks until our first prenatal appointment. Praying for a healthy heartbeat.

Upcoming appointments/events:¬†¬†First appointment is July 6 ‚Äď time go quicker!!! <– seriously!

Weekly Wisdom: Don’t try to power through too many days/activities without rest, it’ll catch up with you and knock you down while laughing

Milestones: Baby’s first flight – turbulence and morning sickness aren’t fun

Bump Picture:


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