We’re Having a Baby!

I always thought I would instantly know I was pregnant. That I had this great mind-body connection and I would be able to tell immediately. Like when I know I’m getting sick. Hahahaha, I was totally and completely wrong. I had no clue at all. I basically took a home pregnancy test because my period was late and that never happens. Then I took a digital test because faint lines are difficult to believe. It said pregnant – I sprung for the digital one because I did not want the stress of figuring out if that was a second line or not as my only source of confirmation. Of course Jimmy chose this day to go into work early and who tells someone via text??? So I started the longest day of my life. Luckily I had a good amount of work to do that day, otherwise I would never have survived.

Now the fun part: telling Jimmy. I [searched Pinterest for] all these different ideas: go out to a nice meal, spell Dad in pepperoni on a pizza, have a “Hello Dad” onesie, get a funny card, etc. I am a planner by nature. I actually scored Executive on a personality test – that shows you how much I like to plan and execute. However with this, as much as I wanted it to be special and fun, I also wanted it to be natural. Therefore, I chose not to film this amazing event in our lives. On one hand, I really wish I had, because well, it was funny, but it is also nice that it was private. I plan on filming other things though – like telling our families.

I had to wait for Jimmy to get home to tell him. Longest. day. ever. He, thank goodness, got home around 7, so we ate dinner and started watching an episode of Rules of Engagement on Netflix. He asked to pause the show for something so I took it as an opportunity to start Mission Tell Jimmy.

Ingrid: “Oh, I got you something.”

Jimmy: “You did?”

Ingrid: “Close your eyes.”

Ingrid leaves the room and returns to give him the digital test still showing “Pregnant” and a copy of The Expectant Father

I: “Open your eyes.”

J: “You’re having a baby?!?!”

I: “Well, we are having a baby, I mean, umm, you’re the father.” [did not foresee the conversation turning into an episode of Maury but sometimes that’s life]

J: “No. [pause] Yea. [pause] This is good. [pause] Good timing. [pause] This will be an adventure. Hopefully this is a very healthy pregnancy so you can have 3 in 2.”

I: 3 in 2? [pause and look confused, then light-bulb moment] 3 kids in 2 years?

J: Yeah [nodding] That way you can be home with all the kids.

I: You want two sets of Irish twins? [pause and mentally decide he’s in shock and to address this comment another time]

End scene.

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