4 Weeks


How far along? 4 Weeks

How big is baby? The size of a poppy seed

Total weight gain/loss: This is my starting point?

Maternity clothes? No way, not yet

Sleep: Exhausted Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, Thursday was pretty good energy wise.

Best moment this week: Telling Jimmy – “That’s cool” hahahahah

Movement: Nope. Not for a while

Food cravings: None

Food Aversions: I did not like my Asian Chicken Stir-fry I make all the time; that was weird.

Gender: No idea.

Labor Signs: N/A

Pregnancy Symptoms:  I am tired and have waves of nausea but it’s not bad yet. Thinking this will get worse

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Full honesty here: I am going to miss drinking wine spritzers with my friends at the lake this weekend. Totally worth it, but it will be different as the lone preggo

What I am looking forward to: 4 more weeks until our first prenatal appointment. Praying for a healthy heartbeat.

Upcoming appointments/events:  First appointment is July 6.

Weekly Wisdom: Appreciating every day I’m still pregnant aka not letting worries get to me

Milestones: Positive pregnancy test.

Bump Picture:

Post work-out is not my best look, but the enthusiasm is there

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