It’s Christmas Time Again

Christmas 2014

I think this is our most beautiful tree ever. Mainly because I totally “hacked Christmas.” I was inspired by this post I found via Pinterest and used two different Christmas light bulbs. It made the tree so much brighter and created more shadows. I also went old school and used all brown wrapping paper. I did decorate the presents with red, gold & silver ribbons and bows, but of course, didn’t take a picture of that. Oh well.

I did take a picture of the gold tipped manicure I gave myself. Kurt calls it a “Dubai Manicure” instead of your traditional white tipped French Manicure.

Gold tip nails

And the only picture we took on Christmas is Kai enjoying his presents: a deer antler & a new super soft blanket.
Kai's Christmas presents

I’ll end with the bumper sticker we are currently rocking on Jimmy’s car: “Keep Christ in Christmas.” Amen.

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