Thankful Heart

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s because I’m sentimental and like to reflect on what I’m thankful for. Maybe it’s because it’s right after my birthday so I typically get a card or gift. Maybe it’s because I very much enjoy eating comfort foods like green bean casserole. Whatever it is, I love this holiday.

This year we spent it like we typically do:

  • Thanksgiving Lunch at the Racine house in VA (Jimmy’s family) This, as always, ended with a few fun and hilarious rounds of Buzz – I 100% lost every round, but had a blast
  • Thanksgiving Dinner at the Erickson house (my aunt & uncle’s) in MD (my family)

Yes, this means every year Jimmy and I eat two thanksgiving dinners. It is glorious. And difficult. And I wouldn’t change it at all.

Jimmy and I are very lucky because our families live close to one another and get along. So we do some holidays all together, but I like the individual time with each family as well. It’s a little less chaotic so you get the quality time.

Now on to the sentimental:

This year I am thankful for:

  • my wonderful family (both sides) – they support & love me and are some of my favorite people
  • Jimmy – he is definitely part of my family, but I felt he should have his own line
  • Kai – I consider him part of my family but he gets a special shout-out for being the best. And on Kai’s note, I’m thankful for my Uncle David. Kai was very sick this year. After being on antibiotics for a few days, he still wasn’t getting any better so I emergency rushed Kai to my uncle (who is an amazing vet) in MD. My uncle took so much time and care to make sure Kai got the treatment he needed. Kai being sick was the absolute worst so I am so thankful he is back to his wonderful doggie self.
  • my new job that is so close to our house
  • our house
  • my ankle finally healing so I can start exercising again – sadly not in time for the half marathon, but I will sign up for another.
  • Jimmy’s promotion

And probably so much else I can’t even think of.

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