Beach Vacation and Jimmy’s Celebration

For Memorial Day, Jimmy & I joined our friends Ted & Lauren for our annual beach trip. It was a week of mimosas, bocce ball, sand, ocean, good food, and relaxing. It was perfect. We were there for a whole week: Thursday through Thursday.

Surfside Beach toast
Starting vacation with a toast

I secretly had two bottles of champagne in the cooler for the drive down so we could toast the start of our vacation (and Jimmy’s promotion) as soon as we got there. Doesn’t it look like we’re on a boat with the beautiful blue ocean in the background? We’re not, just on our balcony on the 11th floor.

As always, I did not take enough pictures. I really need to work on that.

surfside beach SC
beers and cigars
Chilling on the beach with beers and cigars
After a wonderful dinner out
surfside beach wedding
We got to see a beach wedding from our balcony

This year was a lot harder to leave the beach than last year was. Maybe it was because Ted & Lauren now live far away. Maybe it was because we stayed a full week. Not sure, but the fact that vacations have to end makes me sad. However, it did help knowing we had a small celebration planned for Jimmy’s promotion and the Vintage Virginia wine festival to look forward (the next days).

The Friday after we got back, we decided to have a small get-together to celebrate Jimmy’s promotion. He is now (starting July 6) a Geotechnical Department Manager. Yay Jimmy! So we had his parents, my parents, Kurt, Kate, Katie (Jimmy’s sister) and a few dogs over for dinner, cake, and champagne. In my family we have a tradition of having a “Face Cake” when big life events happen. These are cakes with photos printed on them in frosting. (I am well aware we are the only people who call them Face Cakes). Somehow Jimmy had never had one. So clearly he needed one for this party 🙂

Jimmy got a Face Cake!
Congratulations Jimmy!
Eating his face haha

The next day we had the Vintage Virginia wine festival where I took 0 pictures (#fail). This was our 5th year going and every year we’ve had a wonderful time. This year we went with a big group of friends so that made it lots of fun. There seemed to be less vineyards and more food trucks but we all still had a blast.

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