Half Crazy

I just registered for my first half marathon. I never ever thought I would type that sentence. I used to despise running. However I’ve been training for a 5k (yes training for a 5k, don’t judge) so I have been running regularly for the past couple months. The 5k is for Lyme Disease awareness (Loudoun Lyme 5k). I “ran” this 3 years ago which was right after I was recovering from Lyme disease so I struggled through it. Jimmy ran with me and supported me the whole time (he also pushed me to keep running which did not make me happy but it did keep me going). So this time I decided to do it right; hence the training.

Now on to the half marathon craziness. One of my very good friends (my little) Meridith is super woman and just ran her first half marathon. While she is in med school, no big deal. This really inspired me. I told my sister-in-law Kate about her accomplishment over some wine.  As the conversation went on she suggested we run a half. Then she told me about the Divas® Half Marathon. There are boas, tiaras, medals, and it’s at a vineyard. At that moment I knew I wanted to run 13.1 miles in this race. Now I  have never ran more than 3 miles (I walked part of my previous 5k and I’m still training for the current one) so this is crazy. But only half crazy 🙂

Diva's Half Marathon

So far I have registered for the event and found a couple of training programs I’m going to combine. I’m going to continue training for my 5k. Run my 5k May 18. Go to the beach for memorial day. And start training for the half the first week of June. Then I will run my first half September 13 with Kate. Here we go.

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