Merry Christmas

This year we did Christmas a little differently. In light of the Racine family Disneyland vacation and Kurt & Kate’s honeymoon, we did both on December 22 – the Racine Christmas (part 1) in the morning (part 2 will be via skype on Christmas eve, yes we’re fancy & high-tech) and the Ramyer rāy – mī -er Christmas in the evening. Then K&K  jet-setted the next morning to St. Lucia (jealous) and J&I will head to CA with the Racine family on Christmas morning.

Christmas Kai
Christmas Kai

Racine Family Christmas 2013

I decided to make us shirts and Mickey/Minnie ears for our upcoming trip – photos to come when we all wear them. [Yes I am aware I often go overboard, life is more fun this way.] Tutorials: shirts & Mickey/Minnie ears.

Ramyer Family Christmas 2013

Our first Christmas as a true family.

Parents Christmas tree
Freemyer Christmas tree
Kate & Ingrid Christmas stockings
Kate & I in Christmas stockings
parents & Kurt
Parents & Kurt
Jimmy Christmas 2013
Hunting Santa Jimmy

With all the presents, Santa, food, stress, and parties, it’s too easy to forget the real meaning of Christmas. So I leave you with this:

Christ the Lord

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