It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This weekend we got our Christmas tree!

Buying our Christmas Tree by ingrid.racine

My family has always gone to HomeDepot for our trees so that’s where Jimmy & I went this weekend. So did the majority of the Arlington/Falls Church area because we had the longest line I’ve ever seen. Totally worth it though.

After surviving the line, we [Jimmy] tied the tree to my car ourselvesĀ and drove on home #independent.

Then it was time to start decorating.


Kai wasn’t sure if he liked this tree. Or the decorating. Or us moving his bed. He doesn’t like change. We’re working on it.

Putting the first ornament up. Ignore the sweet wrist brace, I took a little tumble on an outdoor parking garage ramp at work. It was slippery and raining and I stumbled away with a sprained wrist and some bruises.

If Kai was happy earlier, he’s definitely not happy now.
He loves me really. He just isn’t a fan of that reindeer costume. Unfortunately I am a huge fan of it and so he wears it every year šŸ™‚

Our Christmas mantle.

And our post-decorating family selfie. At this point Kai is tired. He spent the next 30 minutes sleeping on the couch.
Racine family Christmas

Later that night we went to my work Holiday party. Where I took zero pictures but we had a blast.

Sunday brought on my Mom’s birthday and snow/ice. We ventured out for dinner with my parents, Kurt & Kate at Matchbox and then champagne and cake at our house.

I haven’t found the motivation to put up lights outside yet… I put a wreath on our door so that counts right?

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