Go Hokies!

We spent our weekend raking leaves, baking pumpkin bread, helping Mom & Dad F move a bit, having a great dinner with Mom & Dad R, and of course watching our Hokies play. Kai was looking especially nice in his new bow tie that arrived this week; we called him “Dapper Dog” all day.

Hokie Dapper Dog Kai

Still can’t believe we pulled off that win! Being the superstitious person I am, I’ve informed Jimmy we have to go watch the first half at Dogwood Tavern in our own Little City and then 2nd half at home from now on. Luckily for him and our wallets (they have Bold Rock Cider on draft, yum) there are only a few games left.

I don’t have a pic of the whole wheat homemade pumpkin bread – we keep eating it too quickly, but I do have a recipe. I did add additional pumpkin purée – one whole can instead of a cup because Jimmy thought the first patch wasn’t “pumpkiny” enough.

My parents (Mom & Dad F) are moving. Which of course would mean my Dad would break his wrist (cast pic to come). So we helped them move, set up/rebuild their water bed, and put things in the storage pod for the cottage. Fun Saturday afternoon. They’re leaving the home they lived in since before I was born so it’s a little bittersweet for the family, but they’re moving into Grammy’s old house, so that is exciting. Kai loves running around his old yard.

Next post will include more pics, promise.

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