Happy Birthday to Jimmy

It’s Jimmy’s first birthday since we’ve been married. He’s the old age of 28.

Instead of making him a traditional cake, I decided to do something more fun – a beer cake 🙂

Jimmy beer cake
Jimmy’s Birthday Beer Cake

I used his favorite pale ales to assemble – Pork Slap, Dales Pale Ale, and one other new one I can’t remember, but it had a whale on it that I thought was fun. After I quickly cut cardboard to make the base for each layer, I used clear duck tape to hold it all together. Then I tied gold ribbons to make it prettier because one cannot present an undecorated beer cake. After I finished all this at around 6pm when Jimmy was due home around 6:15pm and we were to go to dinner at 6:30pm, I realized it would not fit in the fridge. This was a problem. So I carefully carried it to our backyard and hid it under our table. Thank you December for being frigid and keeping my beer cake cold.

Jimmy got a PSP 3DXL from me for his bday and a tablet from his parents. I’d say he had a very successful birthday.

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