Booking and Books

We booked a caterer so now you all can eat and drink at our wedding 🙂

We are so thrilled to be working with R&R Catering based out of Springfield, VA.

We had a great time at the cake tasting but we will go to a couple others for comparisons. I never knew there were so many combinations of cake, filling, and buttercream frostings. Definitely won’t eat a big lunch before our next tasting.

We are breaking in the cornhole boards thanks to Kurt and his roommate Paul being home for Spring Break. Also thanks to them for installing the lights on the boards. I still need to either paint or buy a vinyl monogram for the boards.

In other Jingrid news (yes I did just give us a celebrity style joint name) it’s been all about studying for us; Jimmy has his PE test (Professional Engineering exam) April 13th. This is similar to passing the bar for lawyer. Thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

We are also attending a wedding this weekend, which will be a wonderful inspiration.

Next up:

  • seriously contacting florists – thank you Sassi for the recommendation
  •  finding a DJ
  • creating signature cocktails
  • continuing PreCana
  • picking out bridesmaids’ dresses
  • deciding on invitation colors and styles – there are so many options

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